WWE Wrestling Videos: Highlight Moments of Monday Night Raw And SmackDown Live

WWE Wrestling Videos

Rampaging Barun on Raw to Jinder’s Stealing of WWE Championship Watch all Highlight Moments of Monday Night Raw & SmackDown Live

WWE Wrestling Videos: Highlight Moments of Monday Night Raw:

This past week Mondy Night Raw saw it’s first ever Dumpster Match. Kalisto stunned everyone by sending Braun to Dumpster and picking up a victory. However, the shocking defeat sent Braun on a Ramage. Past week we sam 2 ambush attacks, Enzo Amore was ambushed by Luke & Karl while Bayley got ambushed by Alexa.

Ahead of 6 man tag team match Luke & Karl hit Enzo Amore with “Magic Killer” making it 3 on two. However, the ambush attack went down as a blessing in disguise as Enzo was replaced by Finn Balor. Bayley tried to poke her nose between the match of Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss but got outsmarted by the wicked witch.

The master of mind games Bray Wyatt made a surprising appearance as joined Miz in a tag team match. The reaper of soul went on a spree of hitting “Sister Abigail” didn’t spare his partner Miz too.

WWE Wrestling Videos: Highlight Moments of SmackDown Live:

In an interesting turn of events at SmackDown Live, Jinder Mahal stunned Randy Orton and walked away with the championship. Randy was addressing the audience after winning his match against Erick Rowan when Jinder interrupted.

The feud between Dolph and Nakamura continued as Dolph interrupted the interview of Nakamura.

Breezango’s impressive win in beat the clock challenge. It was a “Supermodel Kick” followed by Falcon Arrow which sealed the deal for Breezango. The small package by Phenomenal One handed yet another defeat to Corbin. And in Women’s division, Charlotte paid the price of getting an early opportunity at women’s title.

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