WWE SmackDown Live Results 07/04/2017, Cena Returns Crushed By Rusev, Styles Win Battle of Royal

WWE SmackDown Live Results 07/04/2017, Cena Returns Crushed By Rusev, Styles Win Battle of Royal Becomes No.1 Contender for US Championship.

The Independence Day Episoped of SmackDown Live saw the much-awaited return of WWE star John Cena, A Battle of Royan for US Championship and Rap Battle. We bring you all the results from WWE SmackDown Live Results 07/04/2017.


AJ Styles Wins Independence Day Battle of Royal and Becomes N0.1 Contender for the US Championship

After making his way to Independence Day Battle of Royal by defeating Chad Gable, Styles made a strong statement by winning grueling Battle of Royal. The US Champion Kevin Owens watched the action from the ringside at commentary desk. Superstars did bizarre things to stay alive in the match up. One of the incidents took place when Erick Rowan eliminated Fandango, then he turned his attention to Tyler Breeze. But Breeze made a smart he jumped straight in the lap of Fandango who rolled him in the ring, only to be eliminated by Rowan again.

Smack Down Live Results PC: WWE

It was every man for himself, the Hype Bros were no exception as Mojo Rawly, eliminated Zack Ryder. It was a good day for Tye Dillinger as he made to the final three. He almost got himself in a winning position after hitting both Zayn and Styles with Tye Breaker. But like KO said he wasted too much time, before attempting to eliminate both of them. Zayn and Styles eliminated Tye Dillinger as the action shifted to the apron near the ropes.

Zayn was at an advantage as Styles was showing the effect of the earlier match with Chad Gable. Sami went for Helluva Kick but styles side stepped and Zayn Rolled Over the top rope. Both the superstar tried to eliminate each other, Zayn tried to overpower Styles by Superflexing from the apron to the outside floor, but Styles Countered with a knee. Before Sami could regain his composure, The Phenomenal One hit Sami with the Pele Kick to seal the deal.

John Cena returned But Rusev Spoiled The Comeback:

The much-awaited return of John Cena happened on SmackDown Live Independence Day episode. The Crowd was delighted to see their favorite superstar back. Cena who now hold a fee agent status which means he is free to take part in both SmackDown Live and Monday Night Raw.

SmackDown Live Results PC: WWE

Cena said he is ready to take on the best of both SmackDown Live and Monday Night Raw. However, Cena soon got interrupted by Rusev. Cena quick to remind Rusev that the night 4th July Night belonged to the USA, not to the trash talk of Bulgarian Brute. He even challenged Ruseveto flag match, however, Rusev declined, later on, it was announced that Flag Match will take place at Battle Ground.

The New Day def. The Usos in the Rap Battle, hosted by Wale

SmackDown Live Results 07/04/2017 Others

  • Aiden English def. Randy Orton via Disqualification

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