WWE Payback 2017 Results: Monster Run Continues, Jericho Gets Sweet Revenge While Randy Gave In to House of Horrors

WWE Payback 2017 results: Unstoppable Braun Defeated Roman Reigns While Alexa Bliss Made History

WWE Payback 2017 Results are out and they are interesting. While the monster Braun Strowan crushed Roman Reigns, Alexa made history by defeating  Bayley to become first ever women to have won titles for both the brands. It was a Payback time for Jericho as he defeated Kevin Owens for US Title.

Our prediction of WWE Payback 2017 Results about women championship, cruiserweight championship, and tag team championship were spot on.

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Here are the highlights

The Kickoff Match:

Payback  2017 Kickoff Match was played between the tag teams of Enzo Amore,  Big Cass &  Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson.

The Kickoff match was all about getting Payback as Big Cass and Enzo looked to avenge the ambush attack of Luke & Karl Anderson.

The Big Cass was completely in his zone, he overpowered boot Luke and Karl Anderson. Luke and Karl again stuck to the same strategy of isolating Enzo from Big Cass. However,  Cass turned the table by his signature Big Boot which sealed the deal.


Chris Jericho Defeated Kevin Owens:

Jericho will not be seen on Monday Night Raw since he defeated Kevin Owens for the US Title. Jericho was looking for Payback ever since he lost his US Title at Wrestlemania 33.

Owens tried every possible thing to survive,  however,  the veteran was one step ahead. He even reversed the signature Pop Up powerbomb into Walls of Jericho.

Owens saved himself again by using the index finger the move which saved him at Wrestlemania. This time Jericho was determined he focused his attack on the hand of Owens not allowing him to use finisher Pop Up powerbomb. Later on, he made him submit to Walls of Jericho.

Austin Aries Defeated Neville:

Austin Aries not only redeemed himself but also nearly ended the title reign of Neville.

Aries who challenged Neville at Wrestlemania 33, he came close to defeating Neville then as well.

Austin was closing in on the title when Neville played with his shrewd mind and pushed the referee causing himself a disqualification. Austin won the match but the title remained intact.


The Hardy Boyz Defeated Sheamus & Cesaro:

The Raw Tag Team championship was contested between the two teams which were showing mutual respect for each other.

The high flying Hardy Boyz were in hard times in the closely fought match. The Swiss Superman and the Celtic warrior gave it all.

The match ended when Jeff Hardy hit Sheamus with Swanton Bomb to pick up the win.

What happened after the match was something expected,  as the mutual respect was ended, and Sheamus & Cesarean attacked Hardy Boyz.

Alexa Bills Defeated Bayley in Women’s Title Match:

Ever since her arrival on Monday Night Raw, Alexa made it clear that she meant business. On Payback 2017, it was all business on when she took on Bayley on her home ground.

Payback 2017 Results PC: WWE

The champion took control in the early going, however, she was unable to keep the challenger down. The Wicked Witch, played smart and shoving off Bayley into the steel post. She picked up the win by following it up with a picture perfect DDT.

Now Alexa is the only women to have hold the titles across both brands, SmackDown Live and Monday Night Raw.


Seth Rollins Defeated Samoa Joe:

After defeating Triple H, at WrestleMania 33, Seth Rolling was looking to take care of his unfinished business with Samoa Joe. Rollins quickly got control in the early going of the match as he quickened the pace to his liking.

It took Samoa Joe, a little while before he gained control by focusing on the injured knee of Seth Rollins. He nearly wiped out all the oxygen of The Architect by his firm Sleeper Hold. However, Seth was able to shock Samoa Joe by scoring three counts with a quick roll-up.

Bray Wyatt Won The House of Horrors Match:

The first every House of Horrors match won by the Master of Mindgame, Bray Wyatt. Randy who did not know what he was getting into before accepting the challenge, finally gave into Bray Wyatt.

Payback Results PC: WWE

As expected the match started in the House of Horrors, a Bray Wyatt’s yard. Bray Wyatt used the House of Horror to his advantage, as he did not allow Randy to gain momentum. He threw a refrigerator on Randy before coming out of the House and moving towards the ring.

Before the match, it was announced as no holds barred match. As the action shifted to ring, Bray was expecting a forfeit. However, The Apex Predator was up to the task, he made to the arena. The Viper threatened to hit Wyatt with a steel chair but got interrupted by Bollywood Boyz and No.1 Contender Jinder Mahal.

Wyatt then picked up the pieces, as hit Randy with Sister Abigail to pick up the win.

Braun Strowman Defeated Roman Reigns:

The monstrous run of Braun Strowman continued as he torn apart Roman Reigns at Payback. Braun delivered what he promised, he threw Roman to every part of the ring. He didn’t allow Roman to get any momentum whatsoever in the early going of the match.

Roman had his moment when he hit Braun with his trademark spear and Superman Punches. However, all that did not prove enough to keep the monster down for three counts. Braun the picked up the win by power slamming Roman Reigns.

Just like on the previous occasions, he did not stop after the finish of the match. He continued assaulting Roman even after the match. When Roman was escorted by official to the ambulance, Braun appeared again. But this time Roman was alert as he sidestepped the rampaging giant to avoid the collision.







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