WWE News & Rumors: Speculations About House of Horror Match At Payback 2017

In WWE News & Rumors we bring you all speculations about first ever Houses of Horror match at Payback 2017.

WWE News & Rumors: House of Horror Match Who Are Involved:

The House of Horror match will happen between The Reaper of Souls and Master of Mind games, Bray Wyatt and The Apex Predator, The Viper, Randy Orton.

The two superstars last met at WrestleMania 33 and Randy had the upper hand. He defeated Bray Wyatt to win WWE championship. Ever since his defeat at WrestleMania 33, Bray Wyatt is looking to take revenge. Finally, he got his chance at Payback.

Superstar shake-up has separated both stars. However,  even after ending on a different brand, Bray Wyatt hasn’t stopped stalking Randy.

Randy is on SmackDown Live and Bray Wyatt is on Monday Night Raw. Payback is an exclusive pay per view of Raw.

Payback 2017 House of Horror  Speculations:

The first ever “House of Horror” match going take place at Payback 2017. The format of this match is still not clear. The market of speculations and rumors is running high.

The most common speculation about this match that some of the segment will be pre-taped. The pretaped segment will be aired at beginning. Most probably it will be in a haunted house location. The match will finish in the ring.

The other speculation about this match that this match will not be for the championship.  Probably the reason why Jinder Mahal stole WWE championship at SmackDown Live. No championship match will give both stars equal opportunity. Else, Randy Orton will be the clear winner in case of a title match. In case Randy loses both Universal and WWE championship will move to Raw.

There is speculation about this being a no disqualification match.

It will be interesting to see this match goes on. WWE has done a good job by keeping most of the details hidden for this match.

Payback will take place on Sunday 30, April as per US time.

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