WWE Money In The Bank Results June 18, 2017

WWE Money In The Bank Results June 18, 2017, Carmella Makes History Becomes First Ever Miss Money In The Bank, Corbin is Mr. Money In The Bank & Jinder & Noami Retains Title

In WWE Money In The Bank Results, we history in the making as first ever Money In The Bank ladder match was played. Carmella created the history as she became the first ever Miss Money In The Bank. In the kickoff match, Hype Bros defeated the Colons.

Baron Corbin Becomes Mister Money In The Bank:

Every year Money In The Bank ladder match is more talked about than the Championship itself. That goes to show the hype it creates and the importance it has. This year’s MITB match truly lived up to its expectation. Baron Corbin climbed up the ladder of his dreams and grabbed that Briefcase of opportunities.

Corbin took out Nakamura when ambushed him. It forced the official to start the match with five contestants AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn and Bron Corbin. For a bit time, an alliance was formed between Ziggler and Corbin that short-lived. Sami Zayn displayed true grit and even got the opportunity at briefcase but he couldn’t hold on to it. The phenomenal almost got the contract when grabbed the briefcase, however, Ziggler pulled the ladder underneath him. Styles didn’t give up easily, he remained hung on the briefcase, but in the situation, he couldn’t unlock the briefcase.

Nakamura recovered from the injury and made to ring in the latter part of the match. He flattened almost everyone with devastating Kinshasa strikes. Just when he was about to climb the ladder, the Phenomenal One, appeared and we saw a preview of what could be the biggest clash in WWE. Styles and Nakamura went toe to toe against each other, crowd reaction was overwhelming to this clash. Nakamura tried to take out AJ with Kinshasa but AJ countered it with the Phenomenal forearm.

It was AJ time to climb the ladder again, but Nakamura recovered from the blow and climbed the ladder from the other side. Both superstars traded blow after blow before Corbin saw the opportunity. He tipped off the ladder to send both superstars outside the ring then went on to climb the ladder to grab that briefcase.

Carmella Is First Ever Miss Money In The Bank:

James Ellsworth helped Carmella to become first ever Miss Money In The Bank. The history was made when 5 divas came out battling for the elusive contract. Apart from the abrupt, the match lived up to its expectation.

Money In The Bank Results PC: WWE

Tamina’s size became her biggest disadvantage as all other divas went after her. It was a clear cut plan to a neutralize big threat like Tamina. Charlotte and Carmella were first to climb the ladder, however, grab the contract. Tamina was looking as an ultimate danger for the Divas, she failed every Divas attempt to grab the briefcase in the early beginning. Charlotte took out Tamina and Natalya but hurt herself in the process.

Now the focus shifted to Irish Lass kicker Becky Lynch and Carmella. It looked like the first ever women champion of SmackDown would become Miss Money In the Bank when she power bombed Carmella from the top of the ladder. Just then Jame Ellsworth decided to intervene as he tipped off the ladder, as a result, Becky went falling down.

Ellsworth tried to bring Carmella to sense and asked her to grab the briefcase but she couldn’t move as the after effect of powerbomb from Becky. Then Ellsworth himself climbed the ladder grabbed the briefcase and tossed it, Carmella.

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal def. Randy Orton:

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal defeated Randy Orton at his hometown St. Louis. The Modern day Maharaja embarrassed Orton in front of his home crowd. Thanks to the assist of Singh Brothers.

There were very few people who believed in Mahal. His win against Orton came like a shock at Backlash. But here again, at St Louis, he successfully defended his title. The Apex Predator was in his elements in front of his home crowd. He even struck with an RKO in the early beginning of the match, however, Singh Brother saved the day for Mahal.

Mahal focused his attack on the injured knee of Orton, he even applied figure four leg lock. Orton again hit Mahal with an RKO and looked all set for a home win but Singh Brother put Mahal’s leg on the rope. That’s when Orton lost his temper and turned his attention to Singh Brothers. With two devastating RKOs, he took out both Samir and Sunil. However, it left ample time for Mahal to recover, as Orton walked in the ring, Mahal greeted him with Khallas to retain his title.

SmackDown Women Champion Naomi Defeated Lana:

It was a mistake not take Lana seriously. AT Money In The Bank, she pushed Naomi to the limit as the Ravishing Russian inflicted pain on the current women’s champion. Lana looked to be more prepared as she focused her attack on the knees of Noami. This took out the high flying move of the champion. She super flexed Naomi to the rope injuring her leg.

Carmella also showed up during the match threating to cash-in her contract. However, she decided against it. The match ended when Namoi hit Lana with a sunset flip and turned into a submission move to retain her championship.

The New Day def. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos via Count-out

The New Day did shine on MITB, however, the tag team title couldn’t change hand as the win came via count out. In a heated battle, both teams went all out against each other.

Kofi Kingston took maximum punishment in the early beginning of the match as Usos isolated him from Big E. A perfect tag team strategy to wear out one single opponent. The New Day though came back strong, they almost got the pin fall but The Usos resisted. The New Day built momentum but The Usos denied them the title by taking a walk off the ring. The New Day picked up count out the win but Usos retained the title.

Hype Bros Defeated The Colons:

In the kickoff match of MITB, it was returning Hype Bros who came out victorious. The two superstars were in their first ever competitive match after a gap of nearly six months. The showed the same chemistry for which they are known.

Primo and Epico looked to take advantage as they targeted the knee of Ryder. However, the Broski superstar battled through pain and delivered a powered packed performance with Mojo Rawley. To get them a pinfall victory over The Colons.