WWE Monday Night Raw & Smackdown Live Videos: 5 Future Superstars to Watch Out For

WWE Superstars Who Can be Future World Champion On WWE RAW or SmackDown Live

Not everyone in WWE gets a title run. WWE released a video featuring superstar who can go on to win the title.

Past year superstars like AJ Styles, Bray Wyatt, Deam Ambrose, and Finn Balor got their WWE championship title. Let’s see who could be the next in the line.

Samoa Joe: 

People will definitely agree with this pic. Samoa Joe arguably one the best athletes WWE has. Given the weight he carries, he can literally sweep his opponents from the feet from his quickness and agility. He is the perfect mix of power and athleticism, it will be a matter of few opportunities when he earns himself a title.

Baron Corbin: 

A former winner of Andre the giant memorial match, Baron Corbin is someone to really watch out for. The lone wolf is a powerhouse and his deadly finisher “End of Days” has won himself various matches. Know to finish matches in a short span of time in his NXT day Corbin is someone to really watch out for the title run.

Sami Zayn:

People might disagree with this choice, but the underdog from underground has excellent resilience. He lost both his feuds to former friend and now adversary Kevin Owens and also to Braun Strowan. But his resilience and ability to prevail in odds make himself special and future candidate for WWE title.

Shinseki Nakamura:

Nakamura just made his debut on SmackDown Live but make no mistake this guy is called king of strong style for a reason. In his NXT run, he is already got title twice. Two-time NXT champion holds victories over superstars like Finn Balor, Sami Zayn & Samo Joe.

It will be a matter of time when he gets his name written over the WWE championship.


WWE fans might be wondering why Cesaro hasn’t been able to win WWE championship. The superstar got everything that takes to be a WWE champion. The Swiss superman is incredibly athletic and strong. He already impressed everyone by winning US championship title in his early days.

We have to wait and watch when fortune takes a Cesaro Swing to give him a title run.




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