WWE Monday Night Raw Results May, 08 2017: Roman & Braun Bring Chaos, While Sheamus & Cesaro Win Tag Team Turmoil

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: In WWE Monday Night Raw Results of  May 08 2017, Roman & Braun Returned to the Ring, Sheamus & Cesaro Booked Date With Hardy Boys As They Won Tag Team Turmoil.

The Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose opened the show as Raw acting GM in London. WWE Monday Night Raw Results in an interesting turn of the events saw Sheamus & Cesaro winning Tag Team Turmoil. They are the one who started the tag team turmoil with Enzo & Big Cass.

Alexa defeated Mickie James, Braun & Roman showed up, however, for the first the monster among men was looking for a retrieve.

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Here are the Monday Night Raw Highlights:

Roman Reigns Attacked Braun Strowman:

Braun who seems to be unstoppable from past few weeks appeared on Raw with the shoulder sling. He supposed to compete Kalisto in one on one match. Braun showed his disinterest. He called out Roman Reigns by mentioning him pathetic coward.

Monday Night Raw Results PC: WWE

Roman did answer as the big dog came down to the ring. He gave Braun a beating, Brun who came with an injured shoulder was looking to retrieve. Roman Hit Braun with series of Superman Punches, and steel chair shots.

Cesaro & Sheamus won a Tag Team Turmoil Match:

The tag team turmoil match was set up to determine no.1 contender for tag team championship. Sheamus & Cesaro opened the tag team turmoil match against Enzo & Big Cass. The former champions a quick work of other counterparts.

Enzo tapped out to a sharpshooter by Cesaro, while the team of Rhyno and Heath Slater has no answer to Brogue Kick. Gallows and Anderson also met the same fate as Sheamus Brough Kicked Gallows.


Monday Night Raw PC: WWE

The Golden Truth then entered the scene. They had the advantage of facing battle worn Sheamus & Cesaro. But Sheamus & Cesaro played smart they focused on the Goldust leg and then quickly sealing the deal with a roll up.

Finn Bálor def. The Miz:

In a major setback to the no.1 contender the Miz, Finn Balor defeated the Miz. Finn Balor who was defeated by the Miz past week on Monday night raw had some retribution.

Miz tried to trick Balor with his co-acting GM powers. However, he was overruled by acting GM Deam Ambrose. Ambrose also banned Maryse from the ringside. Balor made full of the opportunity and finished the match with his signature move ‘Coup de Grace”

Alexa Bliss def. Mickie James:

The Wicked With of WWE continued her momentum as defeated Mickie James. Earlier Nia Jax made an offer to Alexa that she could be her best friend provided she gives her a title opportunity.

During the match, Nia Jax was seen in Alexa’s corner while Mickie was accompanied by Bayley. As expected Nia tried to interfere, however, Bayley was up to the task. But could not stop the Wicked  Witch from stealing the match.

Seth Rollins def. Samoa Joe via Disqualification:

There is still a lot be finished between Rollins and Joe. Nothing seems to keep them separated. Before the match, both superstars were involved in a backstage brawl.

The feud continued with in-ring action. Joe quickly gained the advantage as hit the bull’s eye with the injured knee of Rollins. Rollins had his moment in the match and gain various near fall. However, Samoa quickly changed his game plan. He decided to injure Seth Rollins then winning the match. He removed the turnbuckle and rammed Rollins in the steel and followed it by coquina clutch.

Rollins won the match with disqualification but not before sustaining some serious injuries.

Sasha Banks def. Alicia Fox:

Things did not go down well between Alicia Fox and Sasha Banks past week Monday Night Raw. Both superstars came to the ring with a score to settle with each other.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results PC: WWE

Though Alicia remained in control of the match most of the time. It was the Boss who was able to score a pinfall victory over Fox.


Bray Wyatt def. Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose:

Earlier Dean Ambrose, the acting GM of Raw, set Miz vs Finn Balor. Later on, it was the turn of the A-lister, who used is a power of co-acting GM and put Dean Ambrose against Bray Wyatt.

The Master of Mind Games and The New Face of Fear was all over the intercontinental champion. Dean tried to gain some momentum, however, got distracted by the A-lister.

Monday Night Raw PC: WWE

Bray Wyatt quickly pounced on the opportunity and hit Ambrose with Sister Abigail to finish the match in his favor.

Miz then picked up the pieces, as slammed Ambrose into the steel post, in a bid to gain some momentum for his intercontinental title match.




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