WWE Monday Night Raw Results July 03 2017, Ahead of Great Balls of Fire Raw Superstars Build Momentum

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: July 03 2017, Ahead of Great Balls of Fire Raw Superstars Build Momentum. Joe & Lesnar, Strowman & Roman Rivalries Heat UP.

After the past week episode of Monday Night Raw which Saw many superstars attacking their opponents this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw Results expected to see some retaliation.

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Here are WWE Monday Night Raw Results July 03 2017, Ahead of Great Balls of Fire

Roman Reign Got Some Pay Back As Sends Braun Strowman Reeling Off  The Stage With Spear:

Past week Monday Night Raw we saw the Monster Among Men, Braun Strowan attacking Roman Reigns and packing him into the ambulance. Roman got a bit dose of revenge as speared Strowan off the stage onto the floor. Braun Strowman came to the ring with a parked ambulance near the entrance much like the past week.

Monday Night Raw Results July 03 2017 PC: WWE

Apollo Crews challenged Strowman, he did well in the early beginning of the match. But didn’t took long for the Monster Among Men to take control of the match. It turned around for Crews when he tried to deliver standing moonsault but Braun kicked him back with both feets. Then he played around with Crews, as took 3 near fall but did let the count to complete in order to punish Crews more. After picking up the win Braun dragged Appolo Crews to the ambulance and shut the door much like past week. But to his surprise, the ambulance did not take off. When he went to check what’s wrong with the driver, he found the Big Dog Roman Reigns waiting. The surprise attack by Roman took Braun’s off his feet. The monster tried to fight back, but could not save himself from getting speared by The Big Dog.

Finn Bálor def. Raw Tag Team Champion Cesaro

Sheamus was on the ringside while the Hardy Boyz were in the commentary box. Chaos started when Elias Samson made his entrance and tried to interfere. Hardy Boyz saw that and they also came to the ringside to neutralize Elias Samson, and the things went chaotic. There were bodies flying everywhere. Amid all that Finn Balor found his opportunity to hit Cesaro with Coup De Grace to pick up the win.

The Split-Screen Interview of Samoa Joe And Brock Lesnar Got Heated UP:

A week before their match WWE pay per view Great Ball of Fire Joe and Lesnar were interviewed. Consider the tension and what happened past week’s Monday Night Raw, a split screen interview was arranged to keep both the star separated. Joe is not someone who does much of the talking after Lesnar laughed off his credential for being a no.1 contender, it fired up Joe. He went on hunting for Lesnar, but this time around WWE security and official were all prepared as they avoided yet another encounter before the Pay Per View.

Monday Night Raw Results PC: WWE

Intercontinental Champion The Miz def. Heath Slater:

While the Miz was preparing to face his opponent Dean Ambrose at Great Ball of Fire. Heath Slater went up of Kurt and asked him for a title match against The Miz for intercontinental since he pinned Miz in a tag team match up. Kurt granted the One Man Rock Band his wish. On the other hand, Miz was completely taken by surprise with this decision. But the wily superstar came out victorious keeping his title intact.

Monday Night Raw Results PC: WWE

Sasha Banks & Bayley def. Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax

Past week on Monday Night Raw the Boss fought all odds to win the first ever women’s Gauntlet match. The no.1 contender for Women’s Championship Sasha Banks now will face reigning champion Alexa Bliss at Great Ball of Fire 2017. Sasha had fought through all the odds once again, as she went on to face Alexa and Nia Jax in a tag team match up.

Alexa and Nia continued their mean streak as Nia attacked Bayley right before the match with a thunderous knee strike. This changed the entire complex of the match as The Boss had to fight under two on one stipulation. But that did not deter the Boss confidence an inch, she overcame all the odds. She hit Nia’s bad knee with a superkick and went on to pick up the win by making Bliss to submit with her signature Bank Statement.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results PC: WWE

Enzo Amore Attacked Big Cass:

From past two weeks, Enzo Amore has been a victim of the attacks by his former partner Big Cass. Leading to their clash ahead of first ever pay per view on Sunday, Great Balls of Fire. Enzo not only gave a mike check to  Big Cass he also beat him up in backstage melee. A fired up Enzo then took the mike to give something of his chest to Big Cass, as he prepares for Great Ball of Fire.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results PC: WWE

R-Truth attacked Goldust:

Past week Monday Night Raw Goldust attacked R-truth, using the cameraman as a cover. He not only gave R-truth a beating but he filmed the entire episode. This Monday Night Raw, he came in the ring to show all the audience his brilliance. But little did he know that R-truth is also watching the film, right behind him. R-truth got his hands over his former teammate as he sent him shoulder first in the ring post and Goldust looked for retrieval.

Monday Night Raw Results PC: WWE


Seth Rollins Defeated Kurt Hawkins

Neville Defeated Mustafa Ali

Cedric Alexander Defeated Naom Darr

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