WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Highlights 07/11/2017

WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Highlights 07/11/2017: Joe and Reigns to Faceoff Each to Determine No.1 Contender for Universal Championship At Summer Slam

The first episode of Monday Night Raw after Great Balls of Fire saw the fall of the Hardys, a prospective reunion of two former members of Sheild. It also saw unapologetic Roman Reigns claiming a shot at the Universal title. We bring you Monday Night Raw Results & Highlights and all the action from longest running episodic programme.


WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Highlights:

Bray Wyatt Defeated The Architect, Seth Rollins:

Seth Rollins believes that Bray Wyatt is a coward and demanded a rematch. The Architect looked determined to beat the master of mind game. The new face of horror was in a spot of bother as Rollins continued flurry of offensive moves. The match saw both the stars scoring near falls after near falls but nobody willing to give up.

Monday Night Raw Results & Highlights PC: WWE

The match ended when Bray Wyatt headbutted Rollins straight into the eye and followed it up with signature move Sister Abigail. To make things worse, after the match Miz & Miztourage showed up. They quickly surrounded the ring in a bid to take revenge on Rawlins who destroyed The Mizzies along with Dean Ambrose. The night could have been worse for Rollins had his former ally and a member of Sheild didn’t appear to save him. The Lunatic Fringe came with a chair in hand and neutralize Miztourage and saved his former friend.

Roman Reigns & Samoa Joe to Faceoff Each Other to Determine No. 1 Contender for Universal Championship:

Roman Reign comprehensive got beaten by Braun Strowman but he still showed on Raw and claimed a shot at Universal Championship. Braun Strowman who barely could walk after the post match attack by Reigns is yet not confirmed for the return. Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, questioned Roman Reigns claim to be a no.1 contender since he lost his match.

Monday Night Raw Results & Highlights PC: WWE

Samo Joe then showed up and claim the only person who should get a chance to Fight Brock is him because Brock barely defeated him and Roman never defeated Brock. Kurt then came up with a solution and announced n0.1 contender match between Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe which will take place next week.

Sasha Banks & Bayley def. Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax

It was just like a repeat match what we had before Great Balls of Fire. Two former women’s champion teamed up against Current Women Champion & Nia Jax. Last time when these two team met, Nia, took out Bayley making the match 2 on 1 for the Boss. It wasn’t this time around as the two former women’s champion came prepared. They focused their attack on the brute force Nia and eventually successful in eliminating Nia.

Monday Night Raw Results & Highlights PC: WWE

Finn Balor Defeated Elias Samson:

Elias Samson has been stalking Finn Balor for weeks, now finally he got his opportunity to go one on one against Finn. The high-flying Balor had to dig deep to overcome Samson. Samson came with a game plan as he focused his line of attack at the surgically repaired shoulder of Balor.

Monday Night Raw Results & Highlights PC: WWE

But the first ever Universal Champion quickly switched his game and sealed the deal with his signature move Coupe De Grace.

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson def. The Hardy Boyz:

After their loss at Great Balls of Fire pay per event, Hardy Boyz faced Luke Gallows and Carl Anderson. Hardys just showed the after effect of the gruesome Iron Match they had at Great Balls of Fire. Gallows and Anderson took full advantage of the situation, not only they persuaded Hardy’s in this match but also capitalized on nearly half broken Hardys. They finished the match with their signature move Magic Killer.

Monday Night Raw Results & Highlights PC: WWE

The night did not go well for the Hardys as after the match The Revival showed up only to pick up the bones. They attacked Hardys and gave them a brutal beatdown to announce their return.

Monday Night Raw Results & Highlights Others:

Akira Tozawa & Cedric Alexander Defeated Neville & Noam Darr

It was deja vu for Akira Tozawa, as he found Neville in the same position as he was in at Great Balls of Fire. Neville went groin first on the top rope. Cedric Alexander tagged in Akira Tozawa who then gave the king the taste of his own medicine. Tozawa kicked the top rope like Neville did on Great Balls of Fire and followed it up the with the finishing move.

Goldust Defeated R-Truth

Ambrose and Rollins Destroyed Mizzies

Big Show Confronted Big Cass

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