WWE Monday Night Raw Preview: Miz to Challenge Intercontinental Champion Amid Roman & Brauns Rivalry

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview: Will It Be Intercontinental Championship Defense that Will Center stage or Will It Be The Rivalry of Braun & Roman Reigns

In WWE Monday Night Raw preview, we going to take a look what we can expect from the upcoming episode of Monday Night Raw. Past week we saw two Rivalries going intense, Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins, Roman & Braun Strowman,

Monday Night Raw Preview: What Next for Braun & Roman Reigns:

This past week on Monday Night Raw we saw Roman Reign & Braun Strowman getting involved in an intense rivalry. Roman got the upper hand with steel chair shots & Superman punches. As a result, for the first time, the monster among men was seen looking for a retrieve.

The Big Dog who lost his match fair & square to Braun Strowman on Payback got the upper hand. Both the stars are nursing their injuries. It will be interesting to see whether WWE takes the risk of featuring both stars on the upcoming show, exposing them the danger to further injuries.

Intercontinental Championship Match Dean Vs Mis, Monday Night Raw Preview:

First, the Miz won triple threat match to become the no.1 contender for the intercontinental championship. Then he fed the current champion Deam Ambrose to Eater of the World  Bray Wyatt.

Monday Night Raw PC: WWE

So far, as the mind games are concerned Miz already holds the upper hand over Lunatic Fringe. However, considering the Deans unpredictability this seems to be a thrilling contest.

Monday Night Raw Preview The Rivalry of Set Rollins & Samoa Joe:

Ever since Samoa Joe made his debut on Raw, Seth Rollins has been a target. There are lots of things to be settled between this two. Rollins won his match on Payback against Joe. However, throughout the match, he took more beating than Joe.

Past week on Monday Night Raw he tried to ambush Joe backstage. However, Joe turned the table in the match, where he introduced Rollins to exposed turnbuckle. There is an intense rivalry in the building.

Alexa And Ally Continue The Momentum:

The Wicked Witch of WWE quickly came on the success path. As she defeated Bayley to create history and claimed the championship. The little Miss. Bliss is on a roll ever since then.

Monday Night Raw PC: WWE

On the past week episode, she found an ally in Nia Jax. Nia Jax proposed to be on Alexa side provided she give her title opportunity after finishing Bayley. With the brute power of Nia on her side, Bliss is looking unstoppable.