WWE Battleground 2017 Results Predictions, Randy Escapes the Punjabi Prison?

WWE Battleground 2017 Results Predictions: Randy Orton Escapes the Punjabi Prison? John Cena Keeps The US Flag UP High? Full Match Card and Predictions

WWE Battleground 2017 will take place on 23rdy July 2017 Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia, PA 8 pm EST. And here we go for Battleground 2017 results predictions. Battleground 2017 is a SmackDown exclusive pay preview event. The event will see two returns, first John Cena is returning after a long gap. He will face Rusev in Flag Match which was announced on Independence day July 4th, on the return of Cena. The other thing which is making a return is the Punjabi Prison match. WWE Championship will be contested at Battleground in Punjabi Prison match between Mahal and Orton.

WWE Championship Punjabi Prison Match Jindar Mahal Vs Randy Orton:

Punjabi Nightmare, the Punjabi Prison is returning to WWE after 10 long years. The daunting structure will test the two athletes, the only way to win a Punjabi Prison match is to escape both inner and outer structures. Orton will look for the retribution and his 14th WWE title. At his home ground, the Singh Brothers humiliated Cow Boy Bob Orton and also cost Randy the title.

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Randy already made clear that he is not scared of Punjabi Prison match. He went on adding that he has nothing to lose while Mahal would shoulder the burden billion people hopes. The odds are in favor of Orton, as Singh Brothers would have very little or no chance to interfere inside Punjabi Prison. However, WWE will most likely to continue with Modern Day Maharaja as the champion. In an interview Mahal already spoke about him facing John Cena. By giving him a fair win over Orton WWE will look to pitch Mahal and Cena Feud at Summer Slam.

Our Pick: Jinder Mahal Retain The Title


Flag Match John Cena vs Rusev

John Cena made the much-awaited return to WWE on July 4th, 2017, at US Independence day. But his return was marred by Bulgarian Brute Rusev. Cena quickly challenged Rusev for a Flag match. Cena will now have to defend the pride of America against Rusev in a flag match.

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The way to win Flag match is to retrieve the country’s flag place at the opposite side of the ring. Cena is the hot favorite to win this battle, he connects with the crowd so well. He is the most suitable star to fight for America’s honor, from here on he will move on to Summer Slam.

Our Pick: John Cena Wins

United State Championship AJ Styles Vs Kevin Ownes:

Phenomenal AJ Styles won the prestigious US Title in a live event at Madison Square Garden by defeating Ownes. Now KO will look to regain his title back from Styles at Battleground 2017.

Battleground 2017 Results Prediction PC: WWE

Styles and Ownes has a number of feuds together. This probably the be the last feud between these two superstars. WWE might look to encash Nakamura vs Styles at Summer Slam. This makes Styles as the hot favorite to retain his title.

Our Pick: AJ Styles Wins

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