WWE Backlash 2017: Match Predictions: Titles Less Likely to Change Hand At WWE Backlash

WWE Backlash 2017: Match Predictions: Nakamura to Win, Mahal & AJ Styles Less Likely to Win Their Matches.

Backlash 2017 Championship Matches

Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal, WWE Championship:

The WWE Championship match at Backlash 2017 between Jinder Mahal &  Randy Orton has been much talked about.  Everyone is surprised at Mahal making up to the pay per view event. Though Mahal has successfully kept the momentum, but he doesn’t look very convincing.

Backlash PC: WWE

He doesn’t have power packed moves or strong submission hold. Also, his finisher Khallas doesn’t look devastating enough to keep someone like Orton down for three counts. He doesn’t look like a someone who can score a clean win. If he wins at Backlash 2017 it will be due outside Interference. Just like he defeated Sami Zayn and AJ styles.

Our Pick winner Randy Orton.


Backlash 2017: Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles US Title Match:

Though AJ Styles looks a better wrestler but he is less likely to win US Title. Kevin Owens has been projected as a heel on SmackDown Live, he scored a clean win over Jericho. Changing title at Backlash will dent the image of Owens as a heel.  

WWE wouldn’t want US title to change hand so quickly. It has already been exchanged quite a sometimes between Jericho & Owens. Plus WWE would waste AJ Styles if he was kept for US title. He looks good for something bigger.

Our pick winner Kevin Owens.

The Usos vs Breezango Tag Team Championship:

Though Breezango has momentum on their but Breezango doesn’t look like a team who can match ruthless aggression of Usos. This looks like to be the title defended successfully.

Our pick winner The Usos

Backlash 2017 Non-Title Matches:

Dolph Ziggler & Shinsuke Nakamura:

This is the most hyped and much talked about match of Backlash 2017. This is also the debut match of Nakamura. For the first time, WWE universe will see Nakamura in action after his debut on SmackDown Live.

Backlash 2017 PC: WWE

WWE has all the reason for giving Nakamura a clean win of Ziggler.  They way WWE has projected the King of Strong styles, they won’t risk his image getting a dent by defeat to Dolph. Plus Dolph is keeping a low-key on SmackDown Live from past few weeks.

Our pick Winner Nakamura

Six Women Tag Match:

In women’s division, the six women tag match looks evenly poised. Both the teams look evenly matched. However, there are strong chances of Natalya, Tamina, and Carmella picking up a win. We can expect a post-match chaos. Someone can turn.  There are possibilities that alliance between Naomi,  Becky and Charlotte will break up.

Our Pick: Winner Carmella, Tamina &  Natalya

Sami Zayn Vs Baron Corbin:

This is on of the interesting match up for the pay per view event Backlash 2017.  Considering the current feud between Corbin and Sami. Sami can spring few surprises with his agility and resilience but it’s the Lone Wolf who is more likely to win.

Sami needs to wait more he doesn’t look like a potential winner. Corbin, on the other hand, has successfully carried his heel character. He is powerful, strong and aggressive.

Our pick  winner Baron Corbin


Kick Off Match BetweenTye Dillinger Vs Aiden English

Our Pick Winner Tye Dillinger

Eric Rowan vs Luke Harper

Our Pick Winner Eric Rowan

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