Tickets for Fifa U-17 World Cup on sale for football fans

Tickets for Fifa U-17 World Cup

Football fever is about to start in India when Fifa U-17 World Cup starts on 6th October. Tournament will be held between 6th to 28th October. Tickets for Fifa U-17 World Cup have received a very good response from the fans across the country. As per the Fifa website Delhi football fans have showed great response to the matches in the city. This is to note that all of the host country matches will be played in the capital New Delhi. As per the governing body the ticket sales exceeded 100,000 mark on 14th July. This was decided that ticket for Fifa U-17 World would be sold in four phases.

Ticket sale in Phase 1: 16 May to 7 July 2017

In this phase only tickets in Categories 1 to 3 at all stadiums were available fans. Local Organising Committee (LOC) decided to gave 60 per cent discount for the early birds.

Tickets for Fifa U-17 World Cup in Phase 2: 7 to 21 July 2017 (individual Visa pre-sale)

In phase two match tickets in all categories were available on 50 per cent discount. Ticket sales in this phase was reserved for Visa cardholders.

Tickets for Fifa U-17 World Cup in Phase 3: 21 July to 5 October (individual discount)

In phase three ticket can be purchased in all categories; however, fans would not get the advantage of earlier discounts. Match tickets in this phase will be sold at 25 per cent discount.

Tickets for Fifa U-17 World Cup in Phase 4: 6 to 28 October (individual sales during the tournament)

As the tournament starts on 6th October there will be no discount fir ticket sales in this phase. Fans will be able to purchase full price tickets for the relevant matchday.

Tickets for Fifa U-17 World Cup

The sale window for first two phases is over. Following are the ticket price for phase 3 and phase 4:

Phase 3

Category 1 – 600 INR
Category 2 – 300 INR
Category 3 – 150 INR
Category 4 – 60 INR

Phase 4

Category 1 – 800 INR
Category 2 – 400 INR
Category 3 – 200 INR
Category 4 – 80 INR

In Fifa U-17 Word Cup total 24 teams will participate in 52 matches. Check the official slogan for Fifa U-17 World Cup here. Tickets for Fifa U-17 World Cup can be purchased here.

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