This how Brock Lesnar Was Eliminated From Royal Rumble 2020

This how Brock Lesnar Was Eliminated From Royal Rumble 2020: After A Record Equaling Performance The Beast Incarnate Was Eliminated With A Low Blow

The recently concluded Royal Rumble event was considered as one of the best events in the history of Royal Rumbles. Drew McItryre wrote the history in Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas and punched his ticket to Wrestlemania as eliminated Big Dog Roman Reigns. However, the biggest moment came earlier in the match when he eliminated a raging Brock Lesnar who was on the verge of breaking the record for eliminating most number of men.

Brock Lensar gave a spoiler earlier that he will enter in Royal Rumble at number 1 and will win from there. Lesnar promised to re-write the history as he looked to achieve the feat which was achieved only twice in the history of Royal Rumble. It looked like Brock really meant his word as he eliminated 13 men. Every man who stepped in the ring with Brock was thrown over the rope. It was a record tying phenomenal performance by The Beast Incarnate. He was a man on mission and looked good, until Ricochet hit him with a low blow and Drew McIntyre did the rest with a lethal Claymore kick which ended Brock’s Dominant run at Royal Rumble 2020.

The record for eliminating most men was 13 set by Braun Strowman during The Greatest Royal Rumble. Brock Lensar’s performance was very special as he eliminated all 13 participant on the trot. During his stay he did not put a single foot wrong and some of the contestants were eliminated in seconds allowing himself a breather. But he took his eyes off from Ricochet and put his attention on Derw McIntyere, Ricochet took advantage of his divided attention and hit Lesnar with a low blow to bring his down fall.

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