The Pit Stop Blunder That Cost Russel & Mercedes Sakhir GP

The Pit Stop Blunder That Cost Russel & Mercedes Sakhir GP: Toto Wolf Explains What Went Wrong During The Pit Stop.

It was an eventful Sakhir GP on Sunday, It could have been dream debut for George Russell who displayed absolute masterclass of driving, however, without any luck. Russell took the lead early in the opening lap on his partner Valtteri Bottas and was looking good for a maiden win but his fate has something different in store. He lost the opportunity not just once but twice due miscommunication over radio. He was cruising in for his maiden win during the race before Mercedes decided to take advantage of Safety car in a double stack pit stop. They sent Russell out on wrong set of tyres forcing him to pit again for correct set of tyres. Even then Russell was able to climb up from P5 to P2 with some exceptional drive.

The fans were all set for late exciting action between Perez and Russell for the P1 but the wheel of fortune was on the Mexican’s side. As George suffered a rear tyre puncture before he could launch his final attack on Perez. The puncture forced him to pit again eventually ending his chances of winning race. The Briton took the chequered flag with 9th position. The Radio error in which half the crew received the message, messed up everything for Mercedes as from the front row lockout they went down to 8th and 9th place.

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Toto Wolff On Pit Stop Blunder

Wolff was mighty impressed with George Russell performance in the race, however, he was deeply disappointed with Pit Stop blunder by Mercedes. Here is what Wolff has to say on the incident according to

“For us, it was just a colossal f*** up,” said an anguished Wolff after the race. “I’m not allowed to say that but it was. Simply one of the tyre crews didn’t hear the call. We had a radio failure in the garage and when the car came in, then they didn’t know that we had to change the tyres, or the wrong tyres and this is why we exited with the wrong set of tyres.

“I think we overall did a good job,” Wolff added. “Technical failures happen, that wasn’t any human error. We need to find out. We’ve checked it now, [the radio] is not functioning, but we don’t know why. So these things happen and we have to learn from it.”

Toto Woff On Russell’s Performance In Race

“Of course, it was very emotional because if you’re in your first race in a Mercedes and you should have won it, actually, driving a monumental race, then there is not a lot you can say,” said Wolff. “But it’s not going to be his last attempt to win a race; it’s just the beginning of a fairy-tale that didn’t work out today, and I would say that a new star is born.

It was not just George Russell who was at disadvantage due to the error, for his teammate Valtteri Bottas it was even worst. The pit stop for Bottas was very long and he was sent on the same set of tyres. He lost the grip and on older tyres and the midfielder overtook him easily as he found it difficult to defend and eventually ended in 8th spot.



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