SummerSlam 2018: Why Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns Is Mistake & How WWE Can Correct It?

SummerSlam 2018: Why Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns Is Mistake & How WWE Can Correct It?

One of the biggest wrestling events of the summer is just around the corner. Come August 19, 2018, WWE Universe will be witnessing one the hottest pay per views of the year, SummerSlam. The event generates a lot of curiosity and interest among the fans. Universal champion Brock Lesnar is also appearing at the mega event for his title defence. WWE could have utilized this by setting up an interesting and exciting main event. However, they just killed by booking Roman Reigns for the main event against Brock Lesnar. Fans are tired of seeing Roman against Brock Lesnar, it is simply pretty hard to believe that he can beat Brock. Even if he does that on Summerslam it will hard to digest for people.

Why Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns Is Not Good:

Brock Lesnar has defeated Roman Reigns 3 times in one on one encounters. Roman also featured in past years fatal four-way match at Summerslam. At Wrestlemania 34 Brock completely dominated Reigns with a series of suplex and F5. With all the rumours of Brock returning to UFC, a title exchange looks like a certainty at Summerslam but do people see Roman as the one who can end Brock title reign, a Hell No! This will be the Brock Lesnar’s third consecutive title defence against Roman Reigns, and WWE still thinks people will enjoy it that repetitive and cold dead match. Brock’s MMA background is something which makes it further difficult for people to believe the Roman can beat Brock Lesnar on his own.


How WWE Can Correct It

WWE seemed to be on the right track when they signed back Boby Lashley, he was a fresh addition to the Raw Roster. Considering his physical strength and proven credentials as an MMA fighter himself, Boby looked to be the perfect contender for facing Brock Lesnar. Boby Lashley has appeared in 17 MMA matches and he holds a record of 15-2 which says a lot about his ability. Fans would love to see Brock Lesnar vs Boby Lashley, it looks pretty evenly balanced as well. But WWE made Boby Lashley lose the no.1 contender match against Reigns, not only fans even Lesnar must be saying to himself oh no, not again.

WWE can correct the mistake by adding Boby Lashley to the title match, and making a triple threat match or they can show and early insertion of Monster In The Bank, Braun Strowman to the fight which will be more appropriate.

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