What is So Special About the Rivalry of Goldberg & Brock Lesnar: Wrestlemania 33

September 1997 that’s when Bill Goldberg first stepped into the ring, a guy has accomplished everything. He was indestructible, unstoppable and was riding his streak of being unbeaten. And the other superstar is Brock Lesnar, considered to the strongest and toughest of all WWE star.
Lesnar is the one who ended undefeated streak of the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Lesnar has only one blemish in his career that he couldn’t beat Goldberg.
So far the score is 2-0 in the favor of Goldberg who has defeated Brock on two previous occasions. But Brock is not someone who will back down he will come hard on Goldberg.

Bodies will be torn apart, the ring will burn and the intensity will be sky high when these two superstars face each other. It is going to be the biggest Wrestlemania even thus far.

By: Shankar Mohan Singh

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