SmackDown Live Results May 09 2017: Momentum Continues for Mahal, Dolph Remains Obsessed With Nakamura

SmackDown Live Results May 09 2017: Mahal Pinned Randy In A Six-man Tag Team Match, Nakamura & Dolph At Each Other Again

In SmackDown Live Results from May 09 2017, it was Mahal who stood tall. Mahal pinned the WWE champion Randy Orton in a Six-man tag team match. Nakamura & Dolph will face each other at Backlash 2017. Six-women tag team match at Backlash.

Here are the SmackDown Live Highlights

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Natalya defeated. Becky Lynch:

In the women’s division, it was a one on one action between Becky Lynch and Natalya. Becky remained under firm control throughout the match. However, it was Natalya who picked up the win.

SmackDown Live Results PC: WWE

There is a lot of tension going in the women division going at the moment. As a result, Naomi, Charlotte, Carmella, Jame Elsworth, & Tamina were all present at the ringside. The match ended when Natalya took advantage of distracted Becky and pinned her for the victory.

Becky, later on, seen asking for Six-women tag match at Backlash 2017.

Erick Rowan Defeated Luke Harper:

The former Wyatt family members went on one on one against each other. It was interesting to see former partners who know each other very well going one on one.

There were power moves on display as these to big size wrestlers collided against each other. Rowan though played smart, using the thumb to the eye behind referee’s back. And then followed it up with a power slam to pick up the win.

Dolph Ziggler confronted Shinsuke Nakamura:

Well, things got little repetitive again as just like past week, Dolph remained obsessed with Nakamura. He came to the ring and told the audience that he is multiple time champion and Nakamura yet have a match.

SmackDown Live Results PC: WWE

Nakamura came to the ring and said he is ready to show Dolph what he is made.  Just when tt looked like people going to see some action, Dolph rejected the offer. He said that he would do it on his own terms. He would expose the fraud of Nakamura at Backlash 2017.

Breezango Defeated The Ascension:

Breezango remained on a roll as the defeated the Ascension in a tag team match-up. The Fashion Police which set the clock on fire in beat the clock challenge again picked up the win.

Though in the early beginning of the match Breezango was looking in trouble. Konnor & Victor tried to overpower the fashion police. However, Tyle Breeze was instrumental with his picture perfect superkicks. And then Fandango ended the match with the Last Dance.

Jinder Mahal, Kevin Owens and Baron Corbin def. Randy Orton, AJ Styles, and Sami Zayn:

All the six superstars were involved in a feud at the start of the show. And they get their chance to lay hand on each other as they squared off in the main event.

Six man tag match was the highlight of the show. As expected Sami Zayn proved to be the weakest link. The opponent strategically isolated him and focused their attack on Sami.

SmackDown Live Results PC: WWE

The Phenomenal One was unmatchable and he almost pulled off the match for his team on two occasions. However, got interrupted by KO, once when he was going to hit Phenomenal Fore Arm & the second time when he had “Calf Crusher” applied on Corbin.

Towards the end thing went chaotic as bodies were flying everywhere. Singh tried to help KO by providing a distraction but that was not good enough as KO met as hit fate with RKO. However, it gave Mahal the opportunity to apply Cobra Clutch Slam on Randy to pick up the win.



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