SMACKDOWN Live Results June 07 2017: Nakamura Defeated Kevin Owens, Lana Made Her SD Live Debut

SMACKDOWN Live Results June 07 2017: Nakamura Defeated Kevin Owens But Corbin Delivered The Knock Out Punch, Lana Made Her SD Live Debut, New Day Defeated Colons

In SmackDown Live Results we saw Lana making her much awaited debut on SmackDown Live. New Day on their first day of action defeated The Colons. It was retribution for AJ Styles as he defeated Dolph Ziggler. The New Face of America, Kevin Owens was once again fell to Nakamura.

Here are the highlights of the show.

Lana’s Debut Wasn’t Ravishing:

Well! we’ve been seeing quite a lot of promos of Lana, she finally made her debut on SmackDown Live. And immediately sought a place in Money in The Bank Ladder Match. However, SmackDown Live Commissioner was in no mood to give her a place in the match. The Ravishing Russian hasn’t played any single match. Hence denied the spot in Money In The Bank match.

SmackDown Live Results PC: WWE

Shinsuke Nakamura def. Kevin Owens:

In the main event match, Shinsuke Nakamura and Kevin Owens face each other. Owens was seeking retribution of his previous defeats. Things did not go well for Kevin Owens again today. He again became the victim of Kinshasa as Nakamura builds momentum for Money In The Bank Ladder Match. However what happened after the match was more interesting. Baron Corbin who was watching the match from the ringside ambushed Nakamura. He hit Nakamura with a devastating End of Days to make a bold statement.

SmackDown Live Results PC: WWE

AJ Styles def. Dolph Ziggler:

Pas week on SmackDown Live Dolph Ziggler defeated The Phenomenal One. A rematch was scheduled between two superstars. These two superstars once again proved to be evenly matched. In a bid to gain momentum towards the Money In The Bank Ladder match, Ziggler tried everything in the book it was  Styles who came on top this time.

SmackDown Live Results PC: WWE

Styles Ended the match with his signature Style Clash to get his retribution.

Jinder Mahal def. Mojo Rawley

WWE champion Jinder Mahal went one one with his former adversary Mojo Rawley. The evening was going well for Mojo Rawley, not only he was given a place on Money In The Bank match but he also got the opportunity against the WWE champion.

SmackDown Live Results PC: WWE

Mojo Rawley already had the momentum as he had previously defeated Mahal. However, this time The Maharaj did not let anything to bother him. He flattened Mojo Rawley with his signature move Khallas. After the match Mahal claimed that he will finish Orton on Money In The Bank and would cement his legacy.

The New Day Defeated The Colons

In their first in-ring match action after the superstar shake up. The New Day proved to be impressive. Big E and Xavier Woods took the fight to The Colons.

WWE Smackdown Live Results PC: WWE

The longest reigning tag team did not show any effect of lack of in-ring action. They quickly sealed the deal again Primo and Epico with The Midnight Hour.

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