Money In The Bank 2017 Results Prediction: Money In The Bank Ladder Match Winner?

Money In The Bank 2017 Results Prediction: Money In The Bank Ladder Match Winner? WWE Championship Match Winner At WWE Money In The Bank 2017

One of the most awaited pay per view events, Money In The Bank 2017 is just 1 night away. We Bring you Money Bank 2017 Results predictions. WWE Money In The Bank 2017 will take place on Sunday, June 18, 2017, at Scottrade Center in St. Louis. The WWE event will feature Smackdown Live’s superstars.

First time ever in the history Money In The Bank 2017 will feature, Money In The Bank ladder match for Divas.

What is Money In The Bank Match?

Money In The Bank Ladder match is the most exciting and career defining match in WWE. A briefcase with a contract will be hung above the ring. Inside that briefcase, there will be a contract which gives the owner the right to challenge WWE Champion, at any point of time. This stipulation makes WWE champion most vulnerable against Money In Bank winner. The winner can challenge The champion.

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Time and again contract has been encashed when WWE champion is in the weakest position. Usually, the contract winner encashes their contract after WWE champion finishes a grueling and physically exhausting match. But grabbing that briefcase is not easy since briefcase is hung high above the ring only a ladder can help you fetch that. The ladder is the biggest ally and the biggest enemy as it can be used as a potential weapon. WWE Money In The Bank does not just define a career, it also shortens careers.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match Fact:

  • Idea is conceived by Chris Jericho
  • The MITB match took place in 2005
  • Ultimate opportunist Edge became the first Mr. Money In The Bank
  • CM Punk is the only wrestler to hold Money In The Bank twice.
  • 15 out of 17 times MITB winner went on to win title.
  • Cena is one the stars who failed to succefully cash-in Money In The Bank, Damien Sandow is the other one.
  • Kane is the fastest to cash-in Money In The Bank, he held in for only 49 minutes.
  • The Rated R super star Edge held the MITB contract the longest, he held it for 28o days.

    WWE Money In The Bank 2017 Ladder Match Men:


    Six of SmackDown LIVE’s best superstars will battle it out in the 2017 Money in the Bank Ladder Match. The match gives victorious Superstar guaranteed opportunity at WWE Championship opportunity any time they wish in the calendar year.

    WWE Money In The Bank 2017 Results PC: WWE

    In this year’s Money In The Bank will feature United States Champion Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler and Shinsuke Nakamura. Kevin Ownes, Dolph Ziggler, and Sami Zayn they all have experience of being in this type of match. While AJ Styles, Nakamura and Baron Corbin are a complete stranger to the match.

    Past week on SmackDown Live Nakamura grabbed the briefcase just indicate he is ready for the big MITB match. AJ Styles may not be in MITB match but he is no stranger to ladder and hardcore stuff. His athleticism and agility make him a front runner for this type of match. Kevin and Ziggler are experienced, they are less likely to grab that briefcase.

    Baron Corbin expected to become the biggest heel at the blue brand. Baron Corbin is someone you can’t take lightly. He has already shown that he can be deadly dangerous with the hardcore setup. He is most likely to win Money In The Bank ladder match. Sami Zayn would have to wait more for his opportunity.

    Our Picks: Most Likely Winner Baron Corbin/AJ Styles

    WWE Money In The Bank 2017 Ladder Match Women:

    In first ever Money In The Bank match for Divas will feature Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Natalya, Tamina and Carmella.

    Money In The Bank 2017 Results PC: WWE

    Unlike the men’s division, Diva division there is no one who enjoys being experienced in MITB match. This is the first time ever when WWE organizing Money In The Bank match for Divas. Charlotte Flair has a definite advantage over other competitors, she is no stranger to extreme matches. She already gave the taste of being hardcore in her matches against Sasha Banks.

    Tamina may have the advantage of size, however, the size can go against her. The other divas would target and eliminate her in the early beginning of the match. If we look at the history WWE brings surprise winners in those matches. Carmela looks like to be another contender who can win first ever MITB match. She is smart and she has got the mean streak in her, she will make a perfect heel after Alexa moved to Raw.

    Our Picks: Charlotte Flair/Carmella

    WWE Champion Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton:

    WWE Champion Jinder Mahal will face Randy Orton for the championship. The match will take place and the Viper’s home ground St. Louis. The big question for Mahal can he avoid the RKO and humiliate Orton at his home ground.

    Money In The Bank 2017 Results PC: WWE

    Money In The Bank 2017 Results PC: WWE

    New Day was very successful on Raw and the rivalry between these two team expected to do well on the Blue Brand as well. Giving the title to New Day will start an intense rivalry between these two contrasting team. New Day talks of positivity, however, The Usos are all about aggressiveness and mean streak.

    Our Pick: New Day Wins


    The Hype Bros vs. The Colons (Kickoff Match)

    The returning Hype Bros are the hot favorite to win the kickoff match.

    In the End here are top 10 Money In The Bank cashing in of the contract.


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