Monday Night Raw Results June 19 2017: Braun Strowan Returns

Monday Night Raw Results: June 19, 2017: Braun Strowan Returns, Challenges Reigns for Ambulance Match, Joe Builds Momentum And Shocking Revelation About Enzo Amore Attacker

In Monday Night Raw Results, the mysterious attacker of Enzo Amore revealed. It was not the Revival, it was his own partner Big Cass. Braun Storwman made a comeback and challenged Roman Reigns for an ambulance match, this and lot more.

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Monday Night Raw June 19, 2017, Results Are

Hardy Boys Defeated Luke Gallows And Carl Anderson

Finn Balor Defeated Bo Dallas

Akira Tozawa Defeated TJP

Sheamus & Cesaro Defeated Appolo Crews & Titus O Neil

Nia Jax Defeated Sasha Banks Via Disqualification

Monday Night Raw June 19, 2017, Results, And Other Action Highlights

Monday Night Raw Results PC: WWE

  • The Miz Invited Maryse to Miz TV, Dean Tried to Play Spoilsport but The Awesome One Came Prepared This Time.
  • Roman Came To Make His Summer Slam Announcement, Samo Joe Confronted Reigns Later On Defeated Him In One on One Match, Courtesy Suprise Appearance from Braun Strowman
  • Titus O Neil Look for Brand Extension Tries to Rope In Akira Tozawa
  • Chaos In The Ring After Match Between Sasha Banks And Nia Jax Got Interrupted
  • Raw GM Manager Tried to Find Out Mystery Attacker, Irks Big Show. And In A Shocking Revelation, Big Cass Was Found Out To Be The Mystery Attacker. He Calls Enzo A Dead Weight And Part Ways With Big Kick to Enzo.

Monday Night Raw June 19, 2017, Results, Match of The Night.

Samoa Joe One On One Against Roman Reigns:

Roman Reigns kicked off the show from in Evansville, Indiana. He came to make his big announcement of Summer Slam. Roman counted on his accomplishment and went on saying that he should get the opportunity at Universal Championship title. He went on to say he doesn’t care who wins at Great Balls of Fire, Brock Lesnar or the guy they call Joe. That’s when he went too far, as Joe felt offended and stroll down the ring. He didn’t waste any time to remind self-proclaimed Big Dog that he hadn’t defeated him in one on one fight.

Monday Night Raw Results PC: WWE

The one on one match did take place between these superstars. It was a hard fought match, as both superstars scored near fall after near fall. On one occasion Joe nearly survived the pinfall by putting his foot on the rope after getting hit by a spear. Though Reigns remained successful in avoiding Coquina Clutch early in the match. But Joe kept on coming at him. The match ended, when Joe barely broke the 10 count after getting hit by a spear. Reigns prepared himself for another spear, however, his eyes got glued to screen hearing the sound of Ambulance.

The door ambulance door opened and gave Reigns the shock of his life as he saw Braun Strowman coming out of the ambulance. Joe took this opportunity and applied Coquina Clutch on Roman Reigns to pick up the win. The misery didn’t end here for Roman as Braun came to the ring and hit Roman with a thunderous chokeslam and challenged hit to an ambulance match at Great Balls of Fire.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Night Raw Results June 19 2017: Braun Strowan Returns

  1. It’s heartbreaking to see that big cass and enzo amore have split up but what I don’t agree with is that big cass attacted enzo from behind. But what’s done is done am gonna miss them both as they both did make me laugh.

    1. Yeah! it is heartbreaking, but it is the truth. WWE has the history breaking up the tag team partners. Big Cass was right in his on regards as Enzo proved to be the weakest link thus far. If you remember soon after joining Raw, Enzo was taken out of the action. That’s for a brief period of few weeks Big Cass became unbeatable. The other possibility that these two might collide in kickoff show of Great Balls of Fire.

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