Monday Night Raw Results June 12 2017, Joe Confronts Brock Lesnar

Monday Night Raw Results: June 12, 2017, Samoa Joe Confronts Brock Lesnar, Chaos At The Ringside As The Whole Roster Finds It Difficult to Separate Two Superstars.

In Monday Night Raw Results we saw Samoa Joe & Brock Lesnar going all out on each other. Hardy Boyz got their rematch against Sheamus & Cesaro. Six women tag match involved returning Emma.

The Beast Returned And Takes On Samoa Joe:

Universal Champion Brock Lesnar returned to the ring. Past week on Mondy Night Raw, Samoa Joe sent  Paul Heyman into sleep with Coquina Clutch. Paul Heyman returned on Monday Night Raw with his client Brock Lesnar. He dared Joe to apply Coquina Clutch on Lesnar. Joe showed no sign of backing down, he came to the ring and confronted Brock Lesnar. The brawl started when Joe headbutted Brock Lesnar. The Beast was taken aback by the surprise attack. But it did not take long for the Beast to be unleashed.

The Superstars scheduled to face each other on PPV Great Balls of Fire. Both superstars traded below after below. The situation soon went out of hand and the whole roster was called in to stop these superstars.

Cesaro & Sheamus vs. The Hardy Boyz  2-out-of-3 Falls Match Ended in a Draw

It was one of those few rare occasions when two out three falls could not bring any results. The Hardy got their rematch against Sheamus and Cesaro and this time stipulation were two out of 3 falls. Sheamus and Cesaro drew the first blood when the gained the first pin fall against The Hardyz. Sheamus brogue kicked Jeff Hardy to pick up the first fall.

Matt Hardy quickly hit with the equalizer as he leveled the score. Matt Hardy went into a frenzy when he banged Cesaro’s head into top and second turnbuckle. He sealed the first fall for Hardyz with signature move Twist of fate. Hardys almost got the second fall when Jeff Hardy hit a Swanton Bomb on Sheamus but Cesaro saved the day by pulling out Sheamus. The action then shifted outside the ring and both teams got counted out.


  • Elias Samson def. Dean Ambrose

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