IPL 2020: New Zealand Makes Offer To Host IPL

IPL 2020: New Zealand Makes Offer To Host IPL: After Sri Lanka & UAE, New Zealand Has Also Shown Interest In Hosting Indian Premier League

There are good chances of IPL being conducted this year and BCCI trying its level best to get the tournament staged this year. Due to Covid 19 pandemic ICC World T-20 is highly unlikely to go through. Even the Australian Cricket Board is not showing any interest considering the current Covid 19 situation. BCCI is just trying to use the window if which ICC World T-20 would open in case of postponement. The current Coronavirus situation in India is not looking good so possibility of IPL 2020 being hosted out of the country are high. After Sri Lanka & UAE, New Zealand has also offered to host IPL 13. New Zealand is doing quite well in controlling covid 19 pandemic.

BCCI’s Take on Current Situation for IPL 2020:

The BCCI is eagerly waiting ICC to take decision ICC World T-20, there has been no official announcement from the apex cricketing body about the event. According to the tentative dates BCCI might stage IPL 13 between September – November. They would love to host the event in India, however, it is very unlikely as India’s has become one of the worst hit countries with Covid pandemic. India has overtaken Russian tally of covid cases and now only behind Brazil & USA. Speaking to PTI a BCCI official provided following details

IPL 2020

“Staging the event in India has to be the first choice but in case it is not safe to have it, then we will look at the overseas options. UAE, Sri Lanka and New Zealand have also offered to host the IPL, We will sit down with all stakeholders (broadcaster, teams, etc) and take a call. The safety of the players is paramount. There will be no compromise on that.”

In past 2009 and 2014 edition of IPL were hosted outside the country. The full 2009 edition was hosted in South Africa, however, in 2014 only the first leg of IPL was hoted in UAE.

How New Zealand Is Doing In Corona Fight:

When it comes to dealing with Corona New Zealand seems to be better place. As of date where India’s covid count has crossed 7 lacs, New Zealand has reported only 1,533 cases and 23 death. That shows how effectively they have managed the Covid situation.

Sri Lanka has also have low Covid count they have reported only 2,076 with 11 deaths. UAE which is considered to be front runner has reported 51,540 with 323 deaths. Out of these three options only UAE has hosted IPL before. Logistic would also play an important part on deciding the host venue of IPL 13. As in the current situation BCCI would like to host most matches with minimum travel.


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