India Is The First Priority for IPL 2020 Sourav Ganguly

India Is First Priority for IPL 2020 Sourav Ganguly: There Has Been Lots of Speculations of IPL 2020 Being Hosted Out of The Country. BCCI President Says Moving Abroad Will Be Costly

Sourav Ganguly, the current president of BCCI who is celebrating his birthday today cleared that hosting IPL 2020 in India is the first priority. He added that he wants to host IPL 2020 this year as it an important part of India’s domestic season. However, there is no confirmation from the ICC about the T-20 World Cup.

As per the report published in India Today Ganguly put the emphasis on hosting the tournament this year and too in India. BCCI is still waiting for ICC to take a call on World T-20, official announcement on the fate of the event yet be taken. The World T-20 is scheduled between October to November later this year. Decision on hosting the IPL will be taken only after ICC makes official announcement on World T-20.

Ganguly on IPL 2020
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“We want to have it, as I said that cricket needs to be back,” Sourav Ganguly said on India Today’s Inspiration.

“For us, it’s off-season at the moment which has actually helped. We finished our domestic season in March and then we had to cancel the IPL, which is the most important part of our domestic season.

“We want IPL to happen because life needs to be back to normal and cricket needs to be back to normal but we don’t have a decision from the ICC regarding the T20 World Cup.- Ganguly told to India today.

Sourav Ganguly On Media Speculations About IPL 2020 Being Hosted Outside

“We keep hearing different things from the media but till actually its officially not told to the board members and the countries, you don’t know what is happening.

But we want to host it, our first priority is India. Whatever time we get, even if we get 35-40 days we will host it.

“If it doesn’t happen in India because of Covid-19 because places like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai these are big teams in the IPL and at this stage, I don’t think you can put your hand on heart and say that cricket will happen in these places.

“We were keen to go to Ahmedabad to see the new stadium but I don’t know if we will be able to go there or not.
It’s not easy at the moment to say that we are going to host it in India. First is whether we can (play the IPL) within the time frame because IPL has limited windows.

“Secondly, will it be in India. If it’s not then we think of going out, but where. Because going out becomes very expensive for the board, the franchises because of the currency conversion rates.

So we are monitoring it and we are very keen to host it. We have our fingers crossed, we don’t want the year 2020 to finish without an IPL,” Ganguly said.

IPL has been hosted outside India only twice in the history. The first time the whole season was hosted outside was 2009 and it went to South Africa. In 2014 only the first leg of IPL was hosted by UAE. There are lots media speculations about the offers coming from UAE, Sri Lanka & New Zealand to host the IPL this year.




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