How Austria The Formula 1 2020 Season Restart Venue Flattened The COVID 19 Curve

How Austria The Formula 1 2020 Season Restart Venue Flattened The COVID 19 Curve? F1 2020 Season To Restart In July With A Double Header At Red Bull Ring.

Formula has decided to come back on the track. The F1 Drivers will be racing for the first time in season 2020. It is the first time fans will see their favorite drivers in action after the season inaugural race got cancelled due to COVID 19. July has been chosen for the restart of the season and Austria has been chosen as the venue of first two races. There was no action for almost four months, in that period F1 worked towards bring the action back with all safety measure. The they took all the stake holders and authorities in confidence before confirming the first 8 races. Austria is a perfect choice the is doing well in countering COVID 19.

How Austria Flattened The Curve

The COVID 19 pandemic has been wreaking havoc all across the world, sports and entertainment industries are the worst hit. Austria the venue of F1 return took some serious steps in beginning as a result they are in much better position in Europe. Where countries like Italy, France, Spain are struggling Austria is doing much better. As of today, June 9 the COVID figures of Austria

Confirmed Cases            Recovered      Death

16,979                                    15,875                672

The Austrian Government swung into early action and enforced the lockdown in country. Austria went into lockdwon 16 March 2020 where other took the same step way later. Austrian government was way more stricter in implementation of lockdown in comparison to other countries. According to one of the chief health advisors of government Clemens Martin Auer

“The main reason for this decrease in infection rates was a hotline that dispatches mobile testing units to people who show symptoms that would match a Covid-19 infection.

“The key was to keep them out of the hospitals, where a lot of transmissions could take place, and where it could spread quickly, and that really made a difference for us” as quoted to The Independent.

F1 2020 Schedule for First 8 races

F1 2020 Season Restart Schedule
PC: F1

3-5 July – Austrian Grand Prix (Red Bull Ring)

10-12 July – Steiermark Grand Prix (Red Bull Ring)

17-19 July – Hungarian Grand Prix (Hungaroring)

31 July-2 August – British Grand Prix (Silverstone)

7-9 August – 70th Anniversary Grand Prix (Silverstone)

14-16 August – Spanish Grand Prix

28-30 August – Belgian Grand Prix

4-6 September – Italian Grand Prix

The prestigious Monaco GP has been cancelled for this year and in the European leg of F1 the race in Netherlands and France has been cancelled. F1 is planning to organize 15-18 races this season.

According to F1 Authorities they have learned their lesson from Australia and now they have plans in place to handle situation like Australia. However, the safety and security will remain of paramount interest. In the event of a positive case F1 are fully confident that the procedures and team segregation will allow swift and effective contact tracing across a small group and rapid testing will be provided to determine the risk of infection and isolate it immediately.

So far the races will be organized as a closed event with bare minimal staff for the event. Lewis Hamilton the current champion will start his title defense from Austrian double header.


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