Getting To Know F1 Season 2020 Restart Venue Red Bull Ring

Getting To Know F1 Season 2020 Restart Venue Red Bull Ring: Spielberg Will Be Hosting The First Two Races on F1 Return to Action

We are just few weeks away from formula 1 restart, the racing spectacle will return to action in July. The first two races are going to take place on Red Bull Ring of Austria. COVID-19 pandemic delayed the season start this year. Number of races have been cancelled, after carefully observing the situation F1 announced an Update Calendar for F1 2020 Season. This year season will kick off in Austria on July 3rd with the practices race at Spielberg. Lets take a look at the F1 Season 2020 Restart Venue Red Bull Ring which going to host the first race of this season.

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F1 Season 2020 Restart Venue Red Bull Ring
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F1 Season 2020 Restart Venue Red Bull Ring:

Red Bull Ring of Austria originally (Osterreichring) built in 1969 and as a replacement for the Zeltweg airfield circuit. The renown F1 architect, Harman Tilke modeled this in the modern track between 1995-1996 and now know as Red Bull Ring.

  • The Red Bull Ring has a length of 4.318 km
  • It has 3 DRS Zones
  • There will be 71 laps
  • Drivers will cover a distance of 306.452 km
  • The track hosted it’s first Grand Prix in 1970.
  • Max Verstappen won the 2019 race here
  • Valtteri Bottas won the first race of 2020 season hosted Red Bull Ring
  • It is based on a high altitude
  • Red Bull Ring is the least down-force sensitive track
  • It has a mixed of straights that boost power along with series of quick corners.
  • Maximum uphill slope of 12 %, maximum downhill slope of 9.3 %

The Red Bull Ring returned to F1 in year 2014. Mercedes dominated this circuit right from the return as they won all races between 2014-2017. Max Verstappen of Red Bull broke Mercedes dream run in Austria in 2018 and he went to hold on in 2019 as well. It is one the most picturesque racing centers on F1 calendar. This will be the first time it will be hosting the season opening race in F1 history. The first races Formula 1 Rolex Großer Preis von Österreich 2020 will kick off between July 3rd to July 5 and the second “Formula 1 Pirelli Großer Preis der Steiermark 2020” will take place between July 10th to July 12th.



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