French MotoGP 2021 Live Results Update: Jack Miller Brings Back to Back Wins Under Tricky Conditions

Jack Miller showed why he is rightly called Thriller Miller as won French Moto GP at the Famous Le Mans. At Le Mans conditions were tricky and Jack had to not only cope with weather but also took 3 long lap penalties to come home victorious from such condition is simply brilliant. Fabio leads the championship.

  1. Jack Miller
  2. Johann Zarco
  3. Fabio Quartararo

Jack Miller, what a sensational race as delivers yet another win in this season, Zarco second and Fabio was able to keep podium place in home race.

3 laps to go and Jack Miller has to defend 4.7 second gap to Johann Zarco, if he does that it will be back to back win.

Only 5 laps to go, Zarco is really giving Jack Miller run for the money, he is currently the fastest man on the circuit. The Ducati Power is working well in the dry condition as Francesco Bagnaia got into the 4th position.

Lap 20/27

Fabio Quartararo is in trouble as Johann Zarco is hunting him, and Zarco just hunted him down in dry condition with Ducati power.

The weather has changed completely, now sun is shining bright, Jack is still leading the race.

10 laps to go, hold your breath as more drama coming to your way, Marc Marquez crashed again and his race is over now. He was charging up well. Jack Miller and Fabio can have some tyre trouble.

Lap 15/27

Marquez has started his charge back to the top and now is up 11th place as Alexis Espargaro and allows Marquez to take the place the top 5 still intact.

  1. Jack Miller
  2. Fabio Quartararo
  3. Johan Zarco
  4. Takaaki Nakagami
  5. Alex Marquez

Lap 13/27

Alex Rins race has finished, as he crashed again, Jack Miller is still leading with Fabio in second Takaaki Nakagami lost his position to Johan Zarco.

  1. Jack Miller
  2. Fabio Quartararo
  3. Johan Zarco
  4. Takaaki Nakagami
  5. Alex Marquez

Jack Miller even after the 2 long lap penalty he took on the race leader and now currently leading the race.

Lap 10/27

  1. Fabio Quartararo
  2. Jack Miller
  3. Takaaki Nakagami
  4. Johan Zarco
  5. Alex Marquez

Marc Marquez who was leading comfortably just lost it now as he crashed and rejoined the race at 18th place. Now Fabio is back in the lead with Jack miller following.

Lap 7/27

Marc Marquez is leading with comfortable gap of 1.663 seconds, he is followed by Fabio and Jack Miller in third place.

Lap 5/27

There is a rush in the pit lane as it started raining cats and dogs. Franco Morbidelli already down, Joan Mir crashed, now Marquez leading what a tactician.

Lap 3/27

Maverick Vinales, takes the lead from Jack Miller and currently leading the race. And we start seeing the early sign of rain. What an unbelievable move we saw from Fabio as topples both Vinales and Miller but Millers fights back again and leading.

Killer Miller did the trick just right and took the lead in the opening lap, Qauratararo dropped to 3 as Vinales takes the second.

The warm up lap is under way, we are seconds away from the real action.

Riders are getting ready, these are tricky conditions in Le Mans. There are dark clouds around Le Mans, not raining currently though.

French MotoGP Moto2 Class Results

  1. Raul Fernandez
  2. Remy Gardner
  3. Marc Bezzechi

French MotoGP Moto3 Class Results

  1. Sergio Garcia
  2. Filip Salac
  3. Riccardo Rossi

French MotoGP will take place at famous Le Mans circuit. Sportsfeista will bring you live update of the race, join us for the action.

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