Formula 1 Hungarian GP 2017 Results & Highlights

Formula 1 Hungarian GP 2017 Results & Highlights: Ferrari took 1-2 Finish in The Last Race Before Summer Break. Sportsmanship On A Display By Hamilton And Fastest Lap By Alonso.

The last race before summer break went in favor of Ferrari. The maintained their position top 2 positions and made a 1-2 finish for Ferrari. Sebastian Vettel won the Hungarian GP 2017, Kimi finished 2nd and Valtteri Bottas was in third place. We bring you Hungarian GP 20017 Results & Highlights.


Lewis Hamiton in the exhibition of sportsmanship allowed his teammate Valtteri Bottas the podium. Alonso brought in good new in the camp of Mc Laren by giving his best performance. Thing did not go well for Redbull as their premier driver Daniel Ricciardo went out of the race early

Hungarian GP 2017 Results & Highlights:

  • Ferrari made 1-2 finish at Hungarian GP 2017
  • Sebastian Vettel won 4th race of this season
  • First 5 drivers were unable to change their position
  • First 5 drivers finished at the same position they qualified

  • Daniel Ricciardo of Redbull saw an early exit
  • Ricciardo was out on the very first lap due to his collision with Max Verstappen
  • Max was handed a 10-second penalty for the incident
  • Mercedes tried everything to get past Ferrari even switched position of drivers.
  • Hamilton was given a chance to attack the two Ferrari as Bottas slipped to 4th position

  •  Excellent driving of Kimi Raikkonen kept the speeding Hamilton away.
  • Vettel was struggling with the steering issue and got helped by Kimi’s excellent drive.
  • Hamilton Kept his promise and gave away the podium to teammate Bottas.
  • Bottas allowed Ham to go past earlier as per team orders.
  • Ham returned the favor by allowing the Finn to go past at the very last corner.

  • Ferrando Alonso produced the best finish of the season.
  • He secured 6th position in Hungarian GP to finish the first half of the season on a high.
  • Alonso also scored the fastest lap as well.


Now the summer break is on and next race will take place in Belgium between 25-27 August 2017.