Formula 1 Canadian GP 2017: Preview: Red Bull & Mercedes Show Concern About Upcoming F1 Race Formula 1 Grand Prix Du Canada 2017

Formula 1 Canadian GP 2017: Preview: Red Bull & Mercedes Show Concern About Upcoming F1 Race Formula 1 Grand Prix Du Canada 2017

Formula 1 Canadian GP 2017 is just a few days away. The Montreal GP 2017 will take place between 9 to 11 June 2017. Ferrari has already taken the lead in the constructor’s standings. Their primer driver Sebastian Vettel is leading the driver’s table.

All teams are ready for this race. However, there are some concerns as well. Redbull team is worried about their car performance in upcoming races. Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes has already spoken about the car issue. On the other hand, Toro Rosso is very much positive. Red Bull’s junior is all set for the upcoming races. The team has replaced their cars’ engine from old to latest-spec Renault.

Redbull And Their Concern Over Downforce at Canadian GP 2017

Redbull car was in third place at Monaco race that was due to high downforce nature of the circuit. But in Montreal Circuit’s nature has medium to low downforce. This is challenging for the Red Bull Team. Red Bull team has done upgradations in recent races but still, they are worried.

Horner said, “I think we are certainly understanding the car better, we are developing the car better, we are getting performance on the car and that has worked to good effect”.

“I am a little worried about Canada and Baku because they are completely different challenges.

“So the next three circuits for us are really tough – Canada/Baku/Austria – they are going to be our biggest challenge of the calendar apart from Monza.

“If we can perform OK at those next three venues then with what is coming in the pipeline for further in the season the second half of the season for us can be stronger than the first half.”

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Toro Rosso On Canadian GP 2017:

Toro Rosso technical chief James Key told Autosport,”[In Montreal in 2016], for various reasons we ended up further back on the grid than we would have liked to have been, “We were actually quicker than we thought.

Further, he added, “We don’t know if that is going to be the case this year, but we’re slightly less concerned than we’d be normally.”

Mercedes Faces Tyre Compound Issue Ahead of Canadian GP 2017:

Lewis Hamilton who finished the Monaco GP 2017 on 7th position is concerned over the car issue. In Monaco, he failed to get a grip with new tyres and struggled in the qualifying race. As a result, he had to start at 13th position in Monaco GP 2017.

“I’ll be pushing and the guys will be pushing to fully understand because we don’t want to be in this position,” Hamilton said. “One more race like this and we will be much further behind.

“We’ve definitely got to improve in understanding the car. I am going to the factory this week. We are under no illusion that we are not perfect and have still got areas to improve on. We still believe we can win this thing, 25 points is a long way away. Bit by bit we will try to chip away.”


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