Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2017: Tyre choice has been Finalized

Formula 1 Azerbaijan GP 2017: Tyre choices Finalized, Supersoft Reds Are The Tyre of Choice Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2017

Yes, guys, F1 Azerbaijan GP 2017 is coming soon. It is on 25th June and that is Sunday. Pirelli revealed Azerbaijan GP 2017 trye choice. It was already decided since Monaco race that players can use tyres of their choice. For this GP the F1 teams will use soft, ultra-soft and super soft compounds. It is mandatory the teams will use at least one set of each compound.

The teams are getting ready for this race. They all have chosen the tyres compound. McLaren has chosen maximum super-soft. The team will use ten set of super-soft tyres.

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Azerbaijan GP 2017 Tyre Choice, Baku City

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas and Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen have also finalized their tyre choices. They will use eight super-soft, four sets of soft and one set of ultra-soft.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo have chosen eight sets of super-soft, 3 sets of soft and 2 sets of ultra-soft.


Azerbaijan GP 2017 Tyre Choice PC: Formula 1

Force India’s Perez and Ocon will use nine sets of super soft, three sets of soft and 1 set of ultra-soft.

All teams have finalized Azerbaijan GP 2017 tyre choice. This time Mclaren team is more aggressive. The team is doing their level best for this F1 race.

The Challenge of Baku City Circuit for Azerbaijan GP 2017:

This circuit of Azerbaijan is challenging and thrilling for the players. It has many twist and turns. The fans will see lots of exciting things on the circuit. This circuit is in the middle of the city and has all the beauty. Fans have lots of fun and enjoyment.

Let us see who will be the winner of this challenging race. Is it Mercedes again or Ferrari or someone else? This we can see on 25th June, after the final race of F1.


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