Formula 1 Azerbaijan GP 2017 Renault Goes for Upgradation

Formula 1 Azerbaijan GP 2017 Renault Goes for Upgradation Ahead of Azerbaijan GP 2017, Baku City, Looks to Improve Performance

Renault goes for upgradation for F1 Azerbaijan GP 2017. Renault managing director said while speaking to, “It was Red Bull who said that there would be an upgrade [in Baku],” said Abiteboul. “There are upgrades permanently – every single race we are making some small improvements.

On Upgrade And Expectation For Azerbaijan GP 2017:

“Last year we created a huge expectation and we came with an upgrade that had a big impact. But we can’t repeat that every year.

“Now it is all about constant improvements which overall will make a difference – but there is no magic bullet. Every race the engine will become more and more reliable with the program on the dyno progressing.

F1 Azerbaijan GP 2017 PC: GrandPrixevents

“Frankly the next big upgrade will be next year. Then we will have a completely new concept. That will make a difference – but as I said 2018.”

The F1 teams are getting ready for the next race which is in Baku. The race will start from 23rd June to 25th June 2017. It said that this race is the most thrilling on the F1 calendar.

About The Baku City Circuit for Azerbaijan GP 2017:

Azad Rahimov, Azerbaijan’s Minister of Youth and Sport said, “Most importantly, we wanted a track that would showcase the best of Baku, our capital city, and I am delighted that the circuit has achieved exactly that aim.”

This circuit as well has challenges but it has some unique features. The F1 teams, fans, and players will have an exciting experience on this F1 race.

The minister further added,“For example, the extremely narrow uphill section at the old town wall rewards pinpoint accuracy and courage, while the 2.2 kilometers along the promenade sees the cars running flat out at very high top speeds – an incredible spectacle for the race fans on track and the viewers at home.”

The teams are getting ready for this upcoming F1 race. The circuit as well is fascinating and fans have lots of fun and enjoyment.


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