Formula 1 Austrian GP 2017 Tyre Choices for this Race And Controversy Around Sebastian Vettel

Formula 1 Austrian GP 2017: Preview Tyre Choices for this Race And  Controversy Around Sebastian Vettel, Black Flag in the previous race of Azerbaijan?

Austrian GP 2017 is just around the corner, the F1 Race of European leg will take place between 7 July to 9 July 2017. Austrian GP 2017 tyre choice has been made by the teams. Players have chosen the tyres of their choice for F1 Austrian GP 2017. For this race, Ferrari and Mercedes have chosen different sets from each other.

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Austrian GP 2017 Tyre Choice:

Ultra soft remains the love of F1 drivers.

Tyre choice of Mercedes for Austrian GP 2017

Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas have chosen eight sets of Ultra-soft tyres. Lewis has chosen three super-soft and 2 sets of soft tyre. Bottas has chosen four super-soft and one set of soft tyres.

Tyre choice of Ferrari for Austrian GP 2017

Sebastian Vettel has chosen seven ultra-soft, five super-soft and one soft set of tyres. Kimi has chosen seven Ultra-soft, four super-soft and two sets of soft tyres.

Austrian GP 2017 Tyre Choice


Tyre choice of Redbull for Austrian GP 2017

Red Bull players Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen have chosen nine sets of ultra-soft, two sets of super-soft and two sets of soft tyres.

Tyre choice of Force India for Austrian GP 2017

Force India players Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon have chosen ten sets of ultra-soft, two sets of super-soft and one set of soft tyres.

Should Vettel be Given Black Flag in Azerbaijan?

In the previous race of Azerbaijan Sebastian Vettel had bumped his car into Hamilton’s car. Hamilton was the leader of the race. He was driving behind the safety car.

Hamilton & Vettel Incident:

Jonathan McEvoy said “The cowardly stewards gave Vettel a 10-second stop-go penalty. A miserly punishment for such law-breaking as the world was watching. He should have been black-flagged. That is to say, disqualified, rather than allowed to extend his championship lead by finishing two-tenths of a second ahead of fifth-placed Hamilton.

“For the sake of the safety of the other drivers, a man so out of control should not have been allowed to continue.”

The Sun followed a similar theme, adding that a chaotic Azerbaijan GP was one of the “craziest races in years.”

“Forget F1, this was more like Wacky Races with Sebastian Vettel playing the role of Dick Dastardly.” Wrote motorsport correspondent Ben Hunt.

“The Azerbaijan GP was one of the most incident-packed races in years with crashes, bust-ups, three safety cars … it was even stopped with too much debris on the track from all the crashes.”