Formula 1 Austrian GP 2017 Sebastian Vettel And Lewis Hamilton Controversy, Vettel May Face Stern Action

Formula 1 Austrian GP 2017 Sebastian Vettel And Lewis Hamilton Controversy, Vettel May Face Stern Action. FIA Going To Further Review Vettel’s Action In Azerbaijan On 3rd July.

F1 Austrian GP 2017 is coming closer. It is on 9th July. There is a controversy pot between Vettel and Hamilton didn’t seem to cool down. Vettel has knowingly collided his car with Hamilton’s car in Azerbaijan GP while the safety car was on the track. FIA wants to investigate the incident deeply.

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FIA On Vettel And Hamilton Controversy

A statement from the FIA said: “Following the recent incident at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in which Car 5 (Sebastian Vettel) was involved in a collision with Car 44 (Lewis Hamilton), on Monday, July 3, the FIA will further examine the causes of the incident in order to evaluate whether further action is necessary.


“A statement regarding the outcome of this process will be made available before the upcoming Austrian Grand Prix (7 – 9 July).”

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What did Lewis Hamilton say On Controversy?

Lewis Hamilton said “Ultimately what happened was disrespectful. There are kids watching us on TV. You think a multi-time world champion would behave better than that. I really hope that kids don’t see that and think that is the right way. That is not how you drive.”

What Sebastian Vettel Said On They Current Controversy?

On Hamilton quotes Vettel said, “We had a little contact, but I drove alongside him, mostly to raise my hand. I did not give him the finger. I just wanted to tell him, because I can’t literally talk to him, that what he did was not right.

“I don’t agree with the penalty I got. If you penalize me, then you should penalize both of us because that was not the way to do it.”

As the incident, it seems it was Vettel’s mistake. He has done all that knowingly.

Let us see what penalty Vettel will face in upcoming race? Whether he will be banned from F1 Austrian GP 2017 or not?

According to the all the results, Vettel is ahead of Hamilton. Vettel has earned 153 points and Hamilton has earned 139 Points.

Here are Current Driver’s Standings Ahead of Austrian GP 2017