F1 Sakhir GP 2020 Bahrain International Outer Circuit

F1 Sakhir GP 2020 Bahrain International Outer Circuit: Know The High Speed Circuit, Expected To Provide A Lap Time of Less Than A Minute

The Covid 19 affected Formula 1 season 2020 is coming towards its business end as we approach to the penultimate race of the season. Sakhir GP will take place between 4th December to 6th December. For Sakhir GP 2020 Bahrain International Outer Circuit will be used. After an incident full Bahrain GP on November 29, there is lots of exciting things to look for in Sakhir GP. The Bahrain International Outer Circuit is comparatively smaller than the circuit used for Bahrain GP. It has a length of 3.543 km where as the track which was used for Bahrain GP was 5.412 km long. Drivers are expecting a lap of less than a minute but they are also concerned about the traffic as length of circuit is very small. Considering the fast nature of the track there will be an intense qualifying battle on Saturday. Brace yourself for some exciting results on Sunday December 6th 2020.

Bahrain International Outer Circuit

  • One of the shortest track on F1 calendar with a length of 3.543 km
  • It is 1.869 km shorter than the regular inner circuit
  • There will be 87 laps in the race
  • Drivers will cover a distance of 307.995 km
  • The circuit has 11 corners and 2 DRS zones
  • Expected to provide a lap time of less than a minute
  • The other circuit where lap time recorded under 1 minute is Dijon-Prenois.
  • Dijon-Prenois circuit has a length of 3.8 and it was used for French GP
  • Niki Lauda has recorded a lap time of less than a minute at Dijon-Prenois circuit.
  • In 1974 French Grand Prix Niki achieved a lap time of 58.79s

According to formula1.com their F1 simulator has predicted a lap time of less than 55 seconds which goes to show how fast this Sakhir GP Outer Circuit going to be. Shorter circuits and less corners have always produced close timing in qualifying. Several long straights and less corners means most of the race will be on full throttle. There is every chance that 46 year old record of Niki Lauda will be broken at Sakhir GP. S

New Drivers In Sakhir GP

Sakhir GP already in news after Lewis Hamilton tested positive for coronavirus, and Romain Grosjean who met with a horrifying accident in Bahrain GP set to miss the event. This has pushed teams to announce the replacement drivers. Mercedes confirmed that George Russell will replace Lewis Hamilton which forced Williams to announce the new driver for Sajhir GP. Haas is also using a new driver as Romain Grosjean is not available for Sakhir GP. This will be the first time when Lewis Hamilton will not be on the grid since 2006.

  • George Russel- Debuting for Mercedes
  • Jack Aitken – Debuting for Williams
  • Pietro Fittipaldi- Debuting for Haas Ferrari

Sakhir GP Weather Forecast

SN Date Weather Forecast Chances of Rain
1 Friday 4th Dec  Partly cloudy and dry.  None
2 Saturday 5th Dec Partly cloudy, slight chance of light rain.  20% chance of rain
3 Sunday 6th Dec Mainly cloudy, moderate chance of light rain 40% chance of rain
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