F1 Drivers Performance Comparison

F1 Drivers Performance Comparison: Comparative Analysis of Top 3 F1 Drivers For Season 2020, Hamilton Vs Bottas Vs Verstappen

What a season of motor racing we had in year 2020. Even after the challenges posed by Covid 19 pandemic, the efforts of officials and determination of drivers and supporting crew made it possible. We witnessed some of the very exciting racing action, new venues and new challenges. Lewis Hamilton drove superbly throughout the season and fans witnessed the 7th crowning of the champion. Mercedes took the constructors championship this was their 7th title, they have been unbeaten since 2014. Valtteri Bottas finished the season 2nd in the drivers’ championship behind Lewis Hamilton while Verstappen grabbed the third spot. Hamilton won the championship with a huge margin of 124 points. Since the season has completed let’s have F1 Drivers Performance Comparison analysis.

he 2020 season did not get to its traditional start as the planned inaugural race in Australia had to be cancelled due to Covid Pandemic. The season restarted under new safety guidelines with a doubleheader in Austria. Red Bull Racing supposed to give some tough competition to Mercedes before the beginning of the season. However, later on, all these only proved to be speculations as Mercedes dominance continued. The shocking point was the downfall of Ferrari. They completely messed up with their car development. Ferrari couldn’t even put up a fight in midfield.

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F1 Drivers Performance Comparison

Let us compare the performance of the top three drivers for season 2020. The covid hit F1 2020 season, was completed with 17 races, champion Lewis Hamilton competed in 16 races. He missed race number 16 Sakhir GP as Hamilton contracted Coronavirus. Valtteri Bottas & Max Verstappen featured in all races, though Verstappen had to deal with five retirements and Bottas had to deal with only one retirement. Lewis Hamilton topped the points table with 347 points, while Valtteri Bottas managed 223 points and Verstappen fell 9 points short posting 214 points in the season.

F1 Drivers Performance Comparison

The season went pretty well for the champion. Lewis dominance is clear from the data. He dominated the season everywhere be it qualifying or scoring additional point through the fastest lap. He has left his competitors far behind this season. Hamilton has 11 wins from 16 races he featured and ten times he took pole position this year. His challengers Bottas and Verstappen could score two wins each. Valtteri Bottas was able to win five pole positions. And Verstappen’s only pole came in the season finale Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. There was an extra point for the fastest lap this year. Hamilton was able to score the fastest lap on five occasions, Verstappen took it three times while Bottas could get it only one time.

The second spot of Valtteri Bottas could have been in danger had Max not faced those five retirements. Valtteri, who started the season with a bang by winning both pole and race in Austria couldn’t continue with the same performance. His fight for the second spot was very tight with Max Verstappen, as fell short by just 14 points. Bottas got the opportunity to score points in 16 races in comparison to 12 of Verstappen. Had there be no retirements for Max things could have been different. And considering Bottas drove the fastest car on the circuit, Verstappen’s performance needs to be applauded.

Capitalizing on The Start Hamilton Vs Bottas Vs Verstappen

Now lets us take a look how these drivers have capitalized on the start they have. We have a comparative analysis of their starting grid position to their race finish position. We’re not comparing it from qualifying results to take out any disadvantage due to penalty.

Lewis Hamilton Grid Position vs Race Position

Champion Lewis Hamilton who featured in 16 races for Mercedes this year has a very impressive data. He has been very good in capitalizing on the start throughout the season.

  • There have been only two occasions when Hamilton could not capitalize
  • In Italian GP he started from the pole but finished the race with 7th position
  • Russian GP he again started from the pole but finished 3rd
  • There have been four occasions when Hamilton produced a better result than his starting grid position.
  • Austrian GP, Eifel GP, Emilia GP & Turkish GP that’s where Hamilton finished better than he started.
  • In Turkish GP he went on to win the race starting from 6th on the grid.
  • Hamilton was able to score points in every race
  • His worst performance was in Italian GP where he finished 7th
  • Out of the 16 race he featured only in 2 races he could not score podium finish, Austrian GP & Italian GP.
  • In 14 race either he won the race or ensured a podium finish.

Valtteri Bottas Grid Position vs Race Position

Now take a look at Bottas data who partnered Lewis Hamilton in Mercedes. The season did not go well for Botass he did get a good start but did not end well for him

Capitalizing on The Start Hamilton Vs Bottas Vs Verstappen

  • There have been ten occasions when Bottas failed to capitalize on the start
  • If we take out Eifel GP where he is car retired it is 9
  • There were only two occasions when he went on to better his grid position
  • In Styria GP he started 4th and finished 2nd, In Russian GP he started 3rd and went on to win the race
  • His worst performance came in Turkish GP where he finished 14th.
  • There have been three occasions when Bottas could not score a point including one retirement.
  • He won two races and ensured nine podium finishes.
  • Bottas’s worst start on the grid & in the race came in Turkish GP where he started 9th one grid and finished 14th.

Max Verstappen Grid Position vs Race Position

Max Verstappen the Dutch F1 superstar had a mixed season this year. 5 retirements that he suffered marred his performance this year.

Comparative Analysis of Top 3 F1 Drivers For Season 2020, Hamilton Vs Bottas Vs Verstappen

  • If we take out the five retirements then there is only one occasion where Max could not capitalize
  • It was Turkish GP where he started 2nd on the grid and finished 6th
  • His five retirements came in Austrian GP, Italian GP, Tuscan GP, Emilia GP & Sakhir GP
  • On six occasions, Max was able to produce better results in the race than his starting grid position.
  • He went on to win 70th Anniversary GP starting from the 4th position on the grid
  • His second win came in Abu Dhabi where he started from the pole
  • He scored two wins and ensured ten podium finishes
  • If we leave out the retirements he was able to score point in every race he featured.
  • His worst performance came in Turkish GP where he finished 6th.
  • His worst start was 7th on the grid which came in Hungarian GP, however, Max was able to convert into a podium finish.

Lewis and Mercedes had a dominant year which resulted in Mercedes winning the constructors championship and Lewis winning his 7th world title. Valtteri Bottas would definitely like to reflect on his performance and improve in the upcoming seasons. Despite being in the fastest car he was not able to produce the performance he would like. Max would definitely think about those retirements otherwise he had a pretty good season this year.

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