F1 Austrian GP 2020: Why Ferrari Is Out of Contention For Opening Rounds

F1 Austrian GP 2020: Why Ferrari Is Out of Contention For Opening Rounds? Ferrari Has Fallen Behind As Red Bull Takes The Front Seat In Fight With Mercedes.

The practice race for F1 Austrian GP 2020 will start on Friday July 3rd. Experts and fans have been backing Mercedes and Red Bull to put up big show. A Close Battle Between Mercedes & Red Bull Expected in opening rounds which will take place at Red Bull Ring. It looks like Ferrari the chief competitor to champion Mercedes has set their eyes on the round 3 in Hungary. Days before the practice race Ferrari has confirmed that they will bring the update in round three not in the initial round. They would be running with the same car which the tested in Barcelona earlier this year. However, that car fell significantly short in pace in comparison to Mercedes.

F1 Austrian GP 2020 Mattia Binotto Reveals Ferrari Plans:

Mattia Binotto the team principal of Scuderia Ferrari stated to F1.com that they know they don’t have the fastest car this. They going to bring the same care to Red Bull Ring which they used in testing. According to Binotto they have analyzed the data gathered from the test, however, it requires them to move in different developmental direction altogether.

“The truth is that the outcome of the tests led us to take a significant change of direction in terms of development, especially on the aerodynamic front. First, we had to understand why we did not see the results we had expected on track and how much to re-calibrate the whole programme as a result.”

F1 Austrian GP 2020
PC: Scuderia Ferrari Twitter

“It would have been counterproductive to continue in the direction we had planned, knowing that we would not have reached our goals. Therefore we decided to come up with a new programme that looked at the whole car, knowing that not all of it would be ready for the first race. Our aim is to introduce the updates at the third race on 19 July at the Hungaroring.”

Coronavirus Pandemic Effect of Ferrari’s Austrian GP 2020 Plans:

Ferrari’s developmental took a real jolt due the global pandemic. Their Maranello base went into complete shut down under the Covid effect and FIA in agreement with the teams. They got very little time to make changes. According to Binotto the team really work hard in the limited time they got after the situation improved.

“We know that, at the moment, we don’t have the fastest package. We knew it before heading for Melbourne and that hasn’t changed. Having said that, the Spielberg circuit has different characteristics to Montmelo and the temperatures will be well above those of February.”

“In Austria, we must try and make the most of every opportunity and then in Hungary, with the new development step we are working on, we will be able to see where we are really compared to the others, while having to take into account the developments our competitors themselves will have brought along.”- As quoted to F1. com

Their strategy is very clear they would look for the opportunities in the first two races. If anyone make mistakes Ferrari would be ready to cash on it then they will unveil their plans in Hungary. We wish the Red Car good luck as it its one of the top performing teams in the history of Formula 1.



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