F1 Austrian GP 2020: Red Bull Left Red Faced As Mercedes DAS System Ruled Legal

F1 Austrian GP 2020: Red Bull Left Red Faced As Mercedes DAS System Ruled Legal: Red Bull Disappointed But Said Won’t Appeal The Decision.

There is just one day remaining in first formula 1 race of season 2020 and we just got over the controversy. Mercedes innovative Dual Axis Steering System (DAS) came in controversy as it was challenged by rival Red Bull Racing. The Red Bull Racing lodge the official protest yesterday on against the DAS system. The stewards heard the arguments of both side yesterday and came out with their decision today. The stewards have declared the Mercedes DAS legal which means Mercedes will continue to use DAS including Austrian GP 2020. The ruling came as a sigh of relief for Mercedes, however, Red Bull team left red faced.

What Is Mercedes DAS System:

DAS (Dual Axis Steering System) is Mercedes engineering innovation which made its debut in Funerary during Barcelona testing. Dual Axis Steering System allows the drivers to move the steering wheel backwards and forward.

According to James Allison Mercedes Technical Director “It just introduces an extra dimension for the steering, for the driver, which we hope will be useful during the year,” he said. “But precisely how we use it and why we use it, that’s something we will keep to ourselves.”

Why Mercedes DAS System Ruled Legal?

Red Bull Racing on Friday Lodge a protest against the Mercedes DAS citing article article 3.8 and  10.2.3. Article 3.8 which refers to aerodynamics influence and article 10.2.3, which states “no adjustment may be made to any suspension system while the car is in motion”. After the hear which was attending by members of both team, race stewards and Nikolas Tombazis of the FIA  department it was found legal. Here is the excerpt from stewards detailed decision as reported on F1.com

Mercedes DAS System Ruled Legal
PC: Mercedes AMG Twitter

“As a general conclusion, it is very simple to conclude DAS would be illegal IF it were not part of the steering system,” read the stewards’ document. “So the main challenge and debate has to be on whether it can be considered to be part of the steering system. The stewards decide that DAS is a part of the steering system.

“Therefore the Stewards consider DAS to be a legitimate part of the steering system and hence to satisfy the relevant regulations regarding suspension or aerodynamic influence.”

How Red Bull Responding to The Decision

Red Bull Team principal Christian Horner spoke to Sky Sports about the decision. He said they wanted to have clarity on this, since it has be ruled legal, it would prompt some changes. He added they would not appeal the decision immediately, however, they would reserve the rights to do so in future.

“If that is now permitted, then obviously you’ll request to make a change not with the steering wheel, but with a set of spanners, to your camber and caster and so on, whatever it controls.

“It is what it is. Hats off to Mercedes, it is a clever system. To incorporate that during this year when it gets outlawed for next year will be very, very difficult.”

“The system is very, very complicated. Of course it comes into question what is a steering wheel for? The stewards obviously backed the decision of Nikolas Tombazis, the technical delegate there.

“We have that clarity now. We know it is legal, and if we want one, we’ll have to design our own and incorporate it.”- Horner said.


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