F1 Austrian GP 2020: Red Bull Creates A Furore By Lodging Official Protest Against Mercedes DAS

F1 Austrian GP 2020: Red Bull Creates A Furore By Lodging Official Protest Against Mercedes DAS: A Decision on The Protest Expected Before FP3.

Formula 1 season 2020 is just got underway on Friday with practice sessions. The Covid-19 pandemic hit Formula 1 season got into controversy just before the start of Austrian GP 2020. Red Bull Racing which has been touted as Mercedes closest rival for this season has officially launched a protest against DAS (Dual Axis Steering System). Mercedes launched their innovative Dual Axis Steering System this winter in Barcelona testing. Red Bull is questioning the legality of Mercedes engineering innovative. Dual Axis Steering System allows the drivers to move the steering wheel backwards and forward. Both Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas used the DAS and Mercdes closed FP1 & FP2 on top.

F1 Austrian GP 2020 DAS Controversy:

According to official F1 website the FIA released documents revealing representatives from Mercedes and Red Bull were required to report to the race stewards at 1910 local time. The Red Bull Racing has lodged the official protest quoting article 3.8 which refers to aerodynamics influence and article 10.2.3, which states “no adjustment may be made to any suspension system while the car is in motion”. However, Mercedes are quite confident coming up clean, as they claim DAS already been discussed with FIA back February before it debut.

Teams are expecting a result on the protest somewhere mid day on Saturday. If the DAS gets declared illegal then Mercedes would have to remove it and if it gets declared legal then they would continue with same car. However, if will force changes in other cars, Red Bull has already hinted that they might come up with their own DAS version.

Mercedes technical director  James Allison already claimed the legality of tool back in February. “The rules are pretty clear about what’s permitted on steering systems and we’re pretty confident that it matches those requirements.”

Austrian GP 2020 Protest Against Mercedes DAS
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Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner on Mercedes DAS

Red Bull team principal Chritian Horner spoke to Sky Sports during FP1. He hinted towards bringing his own version of DAS if they get clarity on this.

We will wait to see if it is fitted to their cars, obviously it’s a complicated system, it’s a clever system. Obviously we’re after some clarifications from the FIA, just are raising some questions about it,” When asked if that response was a way of saying ‘yes but we’re not sure if we are going to run it yet?’ Horner replied: “You could interpret it like that if you choose to!”“It depends what it actually does and achieves. Everything has to earn it’s place on the car. Obviously it’s a clever system, an ingenious system, these rules are so complex, it’s just understand in which part of the regulations it fits.”

What Toto Wolf Has to Say on DAS

Toto Wolf the Mercedes team principal looked comfortable with his team’s position on the issue. He seemed to be very confident that the innovative DAS is legal and with the law.

“Clarification is always good,” he said in Friday’s press conference. “We think we are on the right side, there was a lot of talking and exchange with the FIA, that’s why we have it on the car, so we will both bring our arguments forward then we’ll see.” “I think again what you would expect is all teams are pretty much aware we are in a sensitive situation with going racing,”

“I think Christian is going to take the right actions. Controversy and different judgement on engineering innovation has always been a part of F1, it’s to be expected in a way, and it is part of the racing.” As quoted to F1.com




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