F1 Austrian GP 2020: Leclerc Believes Ferrari Will Struggle

F1 Austrian GP 2020: Leclerc Believes Ferrari Will Struggle: Considers The Current Season To Be More Challenging Than 2019.

There seems to be no end to the problem of Italian team Ferrari. The F1 season 2020 going to start with F1 Austrian GP 2020 and team have their job cut out. On Tuesday the loosen their card and admitted that it is not possible to bring upgrade before the round three in Hungary. Now one their emerging riders Charles Leclerc confirmed that the upcoming season going to be a difficult one for them. Pre-season testing results were not satisfactory and then the decision to take a different rout for development plan further made things complex.

F1 Austrian GP 2020: Leclerc’s Opinion On His Team’s Performance

Mercedes and Red Bull already considered the hot favorites and they both are coming with upgraded cars. Delaying the upgrade till Hungary can leave Ferrari with a lot to catch up. With the restructured calendar for the season there is hardly any time for recoveries. According to the report published in Autosport.com Leclerc is 99% sure that Ferrari will struggle. Here is the excerpt from the report

I think it’s going to be a very challenging season for us. It’s definitely not going to be easy.

F1 Austrian GP 2020
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“We still have this question mark, and we still have to wait for qualifying to be sure about what we say: even though we are 99% sure that we will be struggling more than last year.”

Leclerc said that Ferrari’s decision to go for a car revamp came during lockdown, when the team had more time to look back over the data from testing than it had had before the original season start in Australia.

“I think after the testing, we more or less knew that we were not where we wanted to be, especially on the qualifying pace,” he said. “Then there’s been this whole situation with coronavirus, everything was closed.

Once they reopened, we re-analysed the data with the small amount of time we had, and I think we decided to make a step back to try and analyse from where the issue is coming from first, to then work on the issues.

“That’s where we’re at the moment. We have tried a different route for Budapest.”

Now knowing that they are not in the fastest car, Ferrari would now like to cash on his opponents mistake or look for some strategical brilliance. Meanwhile the practice race for Austrian GP 2020 will start on Friday 3rd July.

F1 Austrian GP Schedule

Friday July 3rd, 2020, Practice Race

Practice Race 1        11:00 – 12:30

Practice Race 2        15:00 – 16:30



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