BCCI Sees The Silver Lining for IPL As ICC World T-20 Fate Goes Under Dark Cloud

BCCI Sees The Silver Lining for IPL As ICC World T-20 Fate Goes Under Dark Cloud: Hosting World T-20 Will Be Unrealistic for This Year.

ICC World T-20 which is  scheduled to take place later this year is more than likely to be postponed. COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things around the globe and postponing the World T-20 could be one of those things. The whole world is fighting COVID 19 pandemic and this an unprecedented situation due to which there are many forced changes due to that. The IPL 2020 was scheduled this year between April & May but missed the schedule due COVID 19. ICC World T-20 between October 18 to November 16 but the chances are very slim as even Cricket Australia is circumspect about the COVID situation. BCCI looking to encash in case postponing of ICC events opens a window.

ICC World T-20 Fate Goes Under Dark Cloud

ICC is currently undecided over the fate of ICC World T-20, the apex body will make its decision in July. However, it is highly unlikely that the event will be hosted as per schedule. The Cricket Australia chairman Carl Eddings has even termed the prospects of hosting the showpiece event this year ‘unrealistic’.  “While it hasn’t been formally called off this year, or postponed, trying to get 16 countries into Australia in the current world, where most countries are still going through COVID spiking, I think it’s unrealistic, or it’s going to be very, very difficult,” CA chairman Eddings told reporters on Tuesday.

ICC World T-20 Fate Goes Under Dark Cloud

Even Ehsan Mani the former ICC chief and Current PCB chief has called the hosting of the event not feasible. He said organizing an event in this situation which includes involvements of 16 team is not feasible. He said bilateral series can be organized without the spectators, however, organizing a big event like ICC World T-20 is not possible.

“The biggest challenge in Australia – although Australia and New Zealand they have controlled Covid-19 – their governments are very cautious,” Mani said at a virtual media briefing on Wednesday. “If it is played this year they will likely insist it happens in a bio-bubble. Like with the Pakistan team in England, teams come, stay in a hotel, with no crowds. This is okay for one or two teams but when 12-16 teams play in a T20 tournament, it becomes an impossible thing. I don’t think it is feasible today that there is any ICC event in 2020.”-As quoted to ESPN Crick Info.

ICC is expected to make a final call on the fate of ICC World T-20 in July.

How Are The IPL Chances

COVID-19 has forced a postponement on IPL 2020 this year, BCCI is keen to organize the event, however, date is yet to be decided. If ICC World T-20 gets postponed for this year this will open an window which can be utilized for IPL 2020. Though India itself fighting the pandemic like the other parts of world, however, there are many players and board members in favor of hosting IPL this year. With restrictions have been eased across the country, BCCI is eagerly waiting for ICC to announce their decision so they can utilize the open window for the mercurial event.

IPL has huge fan following, it is the biggest cricketing league around the world. The COVID situation in India is not looking good, India has become one the worst hit countries in world. If the window gets open BCCI can even contemplate about host the event outside India.


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