Azerbaijan GP 2017 Results of Baku F1

 Azerbaijan GP 2017 Results: Redbull Shocker to Mercedes And Ferrari As Daniel Ricciardo Pulls of a Win In Dramatic Azerbaijan GP, F1 Baku City

Azerbaijan GP 2017 Results are out. It was a shocker for Mercedes and Ferrari as Redbull stole the show. For Redbull, it was not Max Verstappen who was instrumental during the practice season. It was Daniel Riccardo, the Aussie who scored three consecutive podiums won the Race.

Valterri Bottas did exceptionally well to finish at 2nd position. He piped Lance Stroll in the dying moments of the Race. However, Lance became the youngest podium finisher in the F1 history.

Azerbaijan GP 2017 Highlights

Azerbaijan GP 2017 Results

Alonso scored points for McLaren brings home some belief in this dismal season.

The Drama All Around In Azerbaijan GP 2017:

The race leader Lewis Hamilton had to lose his position due to trouble in the head rest. He was forced to visit pit for the correct and lost his top place in the lead. The rival Sebastian Vettel was handed 10-second penalty for dangerous driving, but he managed to stay ahead of Hamilton in one place. The biggest gainers of this drama were Daniel Riccardo and Lance Stroll as these two grabbed 1 and 2 spots.


After Continuous Drama, The Race Was Red Flagged

There were collisions, tyre puncture, engine issues debris and multiple safety car runs finally the race was red flagged. Fernando Alonso was heard over radio stating that debris everywhere, race needs to be red flagged.

The red flag also presented the opportunity to some cars to recover from the damage. Kimi Raikkonen and Sergio Perez almost went out of the race due to damage. But the delay to due the red flag delay both these made to the race.


Early problems for Valterri Bottas At Azerbaijan GP 2017

Valterri Bottas who started the race at second position ran into some early trouble. His collision with Kimi Raikkonen left him with torn front. It cost him, dear, as he was pushed behind. When the race was red flagged he was at 13 positions.

Hamilton and Vettel Collide while the safety car was on.


The Engine Issue Sends Max Verstappen of Redbull Out:

New Drivers Standing after Azerbaijan GP 2017