Ahead of WWE Payback, Lets Revisit Payback Matches of Previous Year

WWE Payback 2017 Scheduled on April 30, 2017, Let’s Revisit Some of the Matches of Monday Night Raw’s Exclusive Pay Per View

WWE Payback Fatal Four Way Match In 2015
In the year 2015, WWE championship was defended in a fatal four-way match at Payback. Seth Rolling was the champion in 2015. He went on defending his championship against Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns & Randy Orton. And of course, he had the luxury of J&J security by the ringside.

Despite having all odds stacked against him in fatal four-way match Seth managed to defend his title. The successful defense was not possible without the help of Big Red Monster Kane. It was full of destruction and chaos was all around.

Randy Orton and Kane both were put through the table by former
members of Sheild. Watch this complete fatal four-way match.

WWE Payback I Quit Match 2015:

The US championship was defended in an I quit match between John Cena and Bulgarian brute Rusev. The leader of Cenation made Rusve quit as he strangled him in a brutal submission hold STFQ.

The match was intense as expected, it took the Cena & Rusev rivalry further. Earlier Cena was able to deliver his promise to bring US title back at home by defeating Rusev. Rusev never accepted his defeat and challenged Cena to the title match. Thus US Championship was defended in an I Quit match at Payback.

We hope you enjoyed these matches.

WWE Payback 2017 will take place on Sunday 30th April 2017, Sap Center, San Jose, CA. The event’s live streaming will be available on WWE Network. In India event, WWE Payback 2017 will be live telecast on Tensports. It Will be relayed by SKY Spots in UK and USA network in the United States. In India event will be telecast on Monday 01 May 2017, telecast rights are with Tensports Network.

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