Ahead of Their WrestleMania 33 Match, Goldberg & Lesnar Come Face to Face

WrestleMania 33 most talked about the match is Brock Vs Goldberg. Everybody is anxiously waiting for this must see WrestleMania 2017 match.

The rivalry between Brock and Goldberg is growing intense day after day. Goldberg had Lesnar’s number in the previous meetings, however, Brock had his moment when he floored Goldberg with thunderous F5 on Monday night Raw.

On Mondy Night Raw March 27, 2017, Paul Hayman came out to comment on the monumental match of Wrestlemania 33 between Brock and Goldberg. While he was expressing his views, the crowd was shouting Goldberg, Goldberg, Goldberg. But later on, they started shouting Suplexcity, Suplex City, Suplex City.

Goldberg is not someone who will back down, so when Brock came out on Monday Night Raw March 27, 2017, Golberg showed up and the two superstars came face to face before their Wrestlemania match. With nobody looking to back down, it looked like people about to get a little taste of Wrestlemania early. Watch the vide0 to see what happened next.

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