About Us

“Sports do not build character, they reveal it”

-:Heywood Born

Sportsfeista truly believes in the spirit of sports. Many of our unforgettable moments come on the sporting field. It is only on the sporting field, where limits are pushed, camaraderie is shown, differences are resolved, the fight goes to the finish, respect is earned, ego and selfishness take a toss and characters get tested. For ever enduring and never dying spirit of sports we serve you with a variety of sports-entertainment information on a digital platter.

Sportsfeista is a group of sports enthusiasts, it brings you latest sports information, news and their reviews, rumors, real facts, behind the scene and of course the social media buzz.

We cover a variety of sports, be it action-packed WWE, adrenaline rushing Formula 1, Badminton, Hockey, NASCAR, global love Football to pure desi game Kabbadi and not to mention Cricket.

We also blog about sports star’s interviews, previews, biopic, movies, fitness plans, app launch, books and etc.

Our Aim:

To serve variety in sports-entertainment information in this cricket crazy nation.

Our Mission: 

We truly believe that there is no positive entertainment other than sports.

We believe that sports no longer an event, it’s an unending global festival.

And to help celebrate this global festival, Sportsfeista offers digital platform.

Our Vision:

We don’t strive to become the best or to be on top of the mountain. We wish to cater and cheer the sports crazy people from across the globe, and by doing so, creating a special niche for ourselves. As we firmly believe that best can always be bettered.

The all-time great Indian all-rounder Kapil Dev once quoted

“Apart from education, you need good health, and for that, you need to play sports.”

For the undying spirit of sports, let’s cheer up and celebrate, sports, the unending global festival.