WWE News & Rumors: Ahead of Payback, Seth Rollins Show New Finishing Move

WWE News & Rumors: Ahead of Payback Shuns Pedigree and Debuts New Finishing Move

In WWE news & rumors we bring you the new move of Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins who will face Samoa Joe at Payback 2017 has come up with new finishing move. Rollings on Monday Night Raw this past week showed off his new move. In 6 man tag team match on past Monday Night Raw, Seth was all set to hit the pedigree on Karl Anderson. However, he changed his mind and hit him with the knee to face.

Seth Rollins has been using pedigree as finishing move for quite some time. Pedigree is a famous finishing move of WWE superstar triple H. It is a face-busting move where both the hands are held behind the back, keeping the face between the knees.  Seth Rollins who defeated triple H at WrestleMania 33 will now be facing Samoan submission machine, Samoa Joe at Payback.

The new move of Seth Rollins already started making a buzz. The new move of Seth Rolling is unnamed till now. However, the move immediately caught attention with safety concerns as well. It was Rollins knee to the face which broke John Cena’s nose. And the new move is no different, the competing wrestlers might be risking injuries.

Stakes At Payback:

Firstly, Seth Rollins is definitely trying to come out of the shadow of triple H. Secondly, he also wanted to make a statement to Samoa Joe before their match at Payback. Samoa Joe is an incredible athlete and a dangerous opponent.It will not be easy for Seth Rollins at payback to beat Samoa Joe.

Finally, Rollins would have to stay on top of his game in order to neutralize The Samoan Submission Machine. The Samoan Submission machine, on the other hand, would like to finish what started a few months back