WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Results

WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Results and Review of First Ever Pay Per View Event Great Balls of Fire 2017. Brock Lesnar Beats Samoa Joe and Braun Storwman Sends Reigns Packing in Ambulance?

WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 will take place on Sunday, July 9, 2017, at  American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.  WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Result Will Be Published here.The WWE event will feature Raw’s superstars and will take place 8 pm EDT. Raw’s pay per view event will live stream on WWE Network on July 09, 2017, 8 pm EST and 5 Pm PST. WWE still offering first free month.

For the first time, Brock Lesnar will defend his WWE Universal Championship title against, Samoa Joe. Brock won WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 33. He defeated Goldberg to claim the championship. This is his title defense after winning the championship at WrestleMania.

Great Balls of Fire 2017 Live Stream & Schedule

There some interesting matchup made for the first ever Great Ball of Fire 2017 pay per view event.

Great Balls of Fire 2017 Championship Matches:

All championship will be defended at WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 pay per view event. Both men and women division will defend championship at Great Balls of Fire.

Universal Champion Brock Lesnar Vs Samoa Joe:

Brock Lesnar overcame a tough battle against Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe. Joe came with a game plan against the Universal Champion, as he attacked Lesnar even before the bell rang. He put him through the announce table and continued his attack. Joe looked determined to win this battle as put Lesnar in Coquina Clutch but Lesnar countered.

Great Balls of Fire 2017 Results PC; WWE

Lesnar sent Joe to suplex city but the Samoan Submission machine did not give up, he survived not just one but two trips to Suplex city. Joe tried his level best to keep himself on the offensive but Beast proved a step ahead of him. Match ended when Lesnar broke out of Coquina Clutch and hoisted Joe for a devastating F-5 the same move which put Goldberg away at Wrestlemania 33.


Winner: Brock Lesnar

Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks:

Alexa Bliss is called the Wicked Witch of WWE for a reason. The little miss bliss is ever resourceful, at Great Balls of Fire she found a way to protect her title from the Legit Boss. The Boss dominated the match, but Bliss saw an opening and focused her attack on the lower back and spine.

Great Balls of Fire 2017 Results PC: WWE

Sasha fought back through pain and put Alexa under submission move Bank Statment. Bliss barely broke the hold and decided to take a walk in a bid to protect her title. She got herself counted out and denied Sasha her fourth title reign. The Boss was not much impressed and she made Bliss pay by hitting her with double knee from the announce table onto the concrete floor

Winner: Sasha Banks


Intercontinental Champion Miz Vs Dean Ambrose

The Miz retained his Intercontinental Championship title with Skull Crushing finale to the Lunatic Fringe. Dean made his best effort to Miz away, however, the number games caught on him. There was so much distraction around the ring, Miztourage and Maryse helped Miz by providing the opening through distraction.

Great Balls of Fire 2017 Results PC: WWE

Winner: The Miz

Raw Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Sheamus vs. The Hardy Boyz (30-Minute WWE Iron Man Match)

The Raw tag team champion Sheamus and Cesaro held on to their title in the gruesome Iron Man match. In the 30 minutes Iron Man Match, Sheamus, and Cesaro were able to score 4 pin falls vs 3 scored by Hardy Boyz. The reigning champions were quick to score the first fall in Matt Hardy was struck by a Brogue kick. The second fall was also scored by Sheamus when he hit White Noise on Jeff Hardy. Then it was the turn of Hardy Boys and they scored the first fall with trademark twist of fate to make scoreline 2-1.

Great Balls of Fire 2017 Results PC: WWE

The champion then took their lead to 3-1 by scoring a count out fall on Hardys. It was hardly 7 minutes left in the match when Jeff struck back and scored a pinfall over Cesaro to reduce the lead to 3-2. A top rope Twist of Fate by Matt Hardy ensured that the lead is neutralized and the game in the balance in last 3 minutes. It was Swiss Superman who turned the match in the favor of champions as he saved a certain pinfall, both Hardy’s hit Sheamus with a splash but Cesaro made a blind tag and quickly scored a pinfall over Jeff Hardy who went to cover Sheamus consider him as a legal man. With only 29 seconds left in the game, Cesaro tried to keep the lead 4-3 by running around the ring. Jeff finally caught him in Twist of Fate but by the time he made the cover clock ran out.

Winner: Sheamus And Cesaro 

Cruiser Weight Champion Neville vs. Akira Tozawa

The kickoff match between Neville and Akira Tozwa was won by Neville, The reign of Monarch continues. The sense of good in-ring presence helped the Monarch to keep the title. He was pushed to the limit by Tozawa, who came close to winning the title when he dropped himself from the top rope to Neville. But Neville used his experience and quickly rolled out of the way, deny Tozawa the three count.

The same sense of in-ring presence helped him finish the match as well. When Tozawa missed a running kick and hung himself on the top rope hurting his groin. Neville sensed the opportunity, he kicked the top rope to further aggravate the pain and Then a kick to the gut sealed the deal.

Winner: Neville

Great Balls of Fire 2017 Non-Championship Matches:

Apart from championship matches WWE Great Balls of Fire. There are some heated up rivalries between Raw brand superstars. Enzo and Big Cass is one of them, also Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins. The Master of mind game tried to stalk Rollins, however, got hit back by the architect who called him a coward.

Roman Reigns VS Barun Strowman Ambulance Match:

Braun Strowman got his revenge over Roman Reigns as he sends Roman Packing in the ambulance. But it was Roman Reigns who had the last laugh. In an exhaustingly gruesome match, both men gave everything they have. It was bodies flying everywhere as these two super powerful athlete match counter for counter. It was the raw power of Braun Strowman which found himself an opening when shoved off Roman Reigns from the Ramp to the concrete floor.

Great Balls of Fire 2017 Results WWE

Roman tried to spear Strowman was just nearby the Ambulance, but Strowman sidestepped and sent Roman straight through the open doors of the ambulance. He then shut the door to claim the victory. But all did not end well for Strowman as Roman came back out of the ambulance and attacked Strowman. He continuously smashed the door of ambulance against his head. Then put him in the ambulance and drove off. He later smashed the rear side of the ambulance carrying Braun Strowman inside, seriously injuring Braun Strowman.

Bray Wyatt vs Seth Rollins

Bray Wyatt the new face of fear put the Architect on a silent mode. The King Slayer came to the ring with the mission of putting off Bray Wyatt but got himself succumbed to the dark. Wyatt won the match with a cheap shot while the referee was trying to separate both the star, Wyatt hit Rollins with Thumb in the eyes and administered Sister Abigail to pick up the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Big Cass and Enzo Amore

The rivalry between two former friends Cass and Amore was much hyped. The result turned out to be as obvious Big Cass defeated Enzo Amore in the emotional battle. Enzo, as claimed by Big Cass, is the weakest link, once again did prove a match to Big Cass and he finished the match early with signature Big Boot to face.

Winner: Big Cass

Stay tuned for the results and updated of WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017.