UEFA Champions League 2017 Final Highlights: Real Madrid Created History By Beating Juventus 4-1

UEFA Champions League 2017 Final Highlights: Real Madrid Created History By Beating Juventus 4-1. Ā Christiano Ronaldo Shines On The Big Day Socred 2 Goals Also Toppled Messi, Became The Highest Scorer With 12 Goals

In UEFA Champions League 2017 Final Highlights Real Madrid defeated Juventus in the clash of European Giants on Saturday at Cardiff. Christiano Ronaldo was instrumental in the win. He scored twice in the game.

Here are the Quick Highlights of UEFA Championship Match:

UCL Final 2017 First Half Highlights:

  • The first goal of the match scored by Christiano Ronaldo in the first half to give his side the lead.
  • Juventus scored an equalizer courtesy Mandzukic.
  • TheĀ Mandzukic goal was the only highlight moment for Juventus.
  • An athletic cycle kick byĀ Mandzukic sent the ball over Novaz’sĀ hand.
  • The score remained level at after the first half of the match.

Real Madrid Lifts the Trophy #UCLFinal2017

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UCL Final 2017 Second Half Highlights:

  • Real Madrid up the ante in the second of Ā UCL Final.
  • Casemiro scored the second goal of the match for Real Madrid.
  • In the 61 minute of the match, a distance kick of Casemiro found the net.
  • Real Madrid quickly strengthenĀ their leadĀ from 2-1 to 3-1
  • In 64’th minute Christiano Ronaldo scored the 3rd goal for Real Madrid.
  • CR7 was in the right place at the right time as deflected the pass into Juventus net to make 3-1.
  • In 84’th minuteĀ Cuadrado received a red card.
  • If 3-1 humiliation was not enough Juventus, Real Madrid scored another goal in dying moments of the match.
  • Real Madrid capitalized by scoring another goal in 90th minute.
  • Asensio deflected a perfectly centeredĀ ball to take the score line 4-1
  • Real Madrid became the first team to defend UEFA Champions League title.
  • Ronaldo toppled Messi as the top scorer, he scoredĀ 12 goals.

ZinĆ©dine Zidane, Real Madrid coach: “There’s no doubt [this is a great day], no one had retained the Champions League and we’ve managed to do it. Today is a historic day for the whole Madrid family ā€“ players, staff, all our fans. Next year is going to be even harder and we’re going to have to work very, very hard to win again, but today we can enjoy the fact that we’ve shown we’re a very good team.” As quoted by UEFA