Smackdown Live Videos: Smackdown Live Results April 18 2017

Smackdown Live Results Were Interesting As New Comers Impresses, Jinder Won Six Pack Challenge While Charlotte & Kevin Defeated their Opponents

Smackdown Live on April 18, 2017, felt the effect of Superstar shake-up as new entrant made the most of the opportunity. However, Jinder Mahal was the most benefited one as he won the six-pack challenge to earn himself a WWE championship shot.

Here are some of the high points of SmackDown Live

Jinder Mahal def. Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Mojo Rawley in a Six-Pack Challenge to become No. 1 contender to the WWE Championship

Jinder Mahal finally got his due as he came out victorious in a six pack challenge. SmackDown Live is been called the land of opportunity for a reason, on Tuesday night it offered the opportunity to some of its brightest stars. As expected bodies were put online, superstars were pushed to the limit.

There were many close calls and near fall after near fall before Jinder picked up the win by pinning Sami Zayn for the count of 3 with a little assist from Singh brothers.

Charlotte Flair def. Naomi:

Charlotte was already considered Smackdown Live biggest acquisition in superstar shake and on Tuesday she lived up to all expectations. In a very first confrontation with women’s champion Naomi, Charlotte came victorious. An in an evenly matched up game, Charlotte was able to pin Naomi after Naomi missed the ‘Rear Beuty’ and Charlotte quickly capitalized by hitting ‘Natural Selection.’

Kevin Owens def. Gary Gandy in a Face of America Open Challenge:

It was definitely the day of entrants as Kevin Owens issue Face of America Open Challenge where he defeated Gary Gandy. The US Champ made the short work of the of Gary, as he quickly went for “Pop-up Power Bomb” to pick the win. After the match, Kevin asserted that “He will remain the face of America.”

Primo & Epico Colon def. American Alpha:

The day continued to be for drafted superstars as Primo & Epico knocked off American Alpha. The chemistry of Primo and Epico paid off as they kept referee engaged and sneaked a victory to leave Alpha’s shocked.

AJ Styles def. Baron Corbin by Count Out:


In the main event of Smackdown Live, The Phenomenal AJ Styles went one on one with Bron Corbin. Kevin was keeping a close look at the match as two superstar went toe to toe. The guest commentator, Kevin didn’t have a good time as Baron Corbin launched AJ Styles over Kevin Owens during the battle.

The athleticism of AJ styles was Styles was countered by the strength of the lone wolf. However, the face that runs the placed proved to be good enough as he countered Corbin’s ‘End of Days’ by ‘Pele Kick’ followed by a ‘Phenomenal Fore Arm” and then made to the ring just in the nick of time to pick-up the win.


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