SmackDown Live Results May 2, 2017: US Championship Changed as KO Knocked Out Y2J

SmackDown Live Results May 2, 2017: Jericho Gets Attacked, Mahal Continue to Impress

In WWE SmackDown Live results from May 2, 2017, the headline is Kevin Owens attacking Chris Jericho. After winning US title at Payback 2017 Jericho’s first appearance of SmackDown Live was forgettable. He not only lost his title but got brutally attacked by Kevin Owens.

Here are the highlights of SmackDown Live

Jinder Mahal Defeated Sami Zayn:

The number 1 contender for WWE championship at Backlash 2017 continued to impress as he defeated Sami Zayn. It was Jinder’s strength vs Sami’s quickness.

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Jinder was assisted by Singh Brothers in his victory. Singh Brothers not only provided the required distraction but also helped him to avoid Helluva kick. Jinder was quick to pounce on the opportunity as he applied Cobra Clutch slam on Sami, the same move which won him no.1 contender match.

Tye Dillinger Defeated Aiden English:

The Perfect 10 was in completely in his zone as continued his winning run. Before the match, Aiden English was seen asking for the spotlight. However, after the match it Dillinger who got into the spotlight. He made a short work of Aiden English and quickly finished off the match by dropping Aiden straight to his knee.

Carmella & Natalya Defeated Naomi & Charlotte Flair:

Past week action of SmackDown Live in women’s division was chaotic. The championship match between Naomi & Charlotte was interrupted by the other roster members. The women roster simply did not like the idea of Charlotte getting a chance at Championship ahead of anyone else.

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Today in a tag team match, Carmella & Natalya faced Naomi & Charlotte. Charlotte was ambushed before the match, which had Naomi to go in tag team match alone. However, the queen did arrive to join Naomi, though the distraction from Tamina and Elsworth was enough for Carmella & Natalya to pick up the win.

Dolph Ziggler Defeated Sin Cara:

Dolph Ziggler who was seen in getting in the feud with Nakamura, went one on one with Sin Cara. The roster change did not help Sin Cara as he was handed a defeat by the Show-Off.

Despite his several ariel moves, Sin Cara was unable to pick-up the win as Dolph claimed the victory courtesy Superkick.

Kevin Owens Defeated Chris Jericho to win the US Title:

 In a Payback rematch, Kevin Owens faced Chris Jericho for the US Title. Earlier, things got chaotic when Kevin Owens interrupted the welcoming of Chris Jericho at Blue Brand. Kevin also picked up the feud with the Phenomenal One who was just discussing the possibility of the clash at Backlash for US Title.

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AJ came down to the ring and gave KO the handful, both superstars were then separated by officials. AJ Styles was banned from the ringside in a bid to avoid any possible interference to US Title match.

In the rematch where two former friends faced each other, it was counter after counter. KO hit Jericho with a DDT outside the ring which paved the opening. He then capitalized by hitting Pop Powerbomb to regain US Title. However, KO was not satisfied with the win only and continued punishing Jericho. He injured Jericho by slamming him into the ring post with a steel chair wrapped across the neck.