SmackDown Live Results: Jinder Makes A Statement While Charlotte Face The Wrath of Women Division

SmackDown Live Results April 25, 2017

Jinder Neutralize` Randy With The Help Bollywood Boyz, And Early Opportunity Title Did Not Go Well With Charlotte.

Smackdown Live results were interesting this Tuesday Night. The show kicked off as Dolph interrupted Shinsuke Nakamura later found himself retrieving. Giving Charlotte and early opportunity for women’s title was not taken well by other divas, as ganged up Charlotte. Randy came of Eric Rowan while AJ defeated Baron Corbin.

Let’s take a look at SmackDown Live highlights.

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Shinsuke Nakamura Got Better of Dolph Again:

The Smackdown Live kicked off with Nakamura getting interviewed, however, the show-off Dolph interrupted the interview. He went on saying Nakamura is a pathetic and overrated freak. However, his attempt to bring Nakamura down all went in vain as the King of Strong Style retaliated. And Ziggler found himself retrieving.


The Phenomenal One Handed Yet Another Defeat to Lone Wolf Baron Corbin:

It was almost the repeat of past week match between AJ Styles and Baron Corbin. The two superstars who faced each other in a hard-hitting match this past week were involved in dual again. And just like the past week watch from the corner was US champion, Kevin Owens.

AJ’s athleticism and quickness were way too much for Corbin to handle. AJ scored a pin fall while Corbin looking to power slam the Phenomenal one.

American Alpha def. The Colons in a Beat the Clock Challenge Match

Finally, American Alpha got some momentum back as they defeated The Colons in a Beat the Clock Challenge match.

The American Alpha who were looking to revenge their loss of past week quickly took the matter in their hands. They set up the pace for Beat the Clock Challenge by defeating Colons in 5:17 minutes.

Randy Orton def. Erick Rowan (No Disqualification Match)

Well!, last week the match between Randy and Erick Rowan ended in no contest. At Tuesday night they were involved in no disqualification match. The former Wyatt family member Erick tried everything to keep the viper down but to no avail.

SmackDown Live results PC: WWE

He brought some offensive move, he hit Randy with the series of Kendo Stick shots. He managed to hit Randy with the steel steps, but all this wasn’t enough to keep the viper down. Randy sent Rowan through the table, sidestepped into the chair before hitting his finishing move RKO.

Though Randy couldn’t enjoy his victory much as got interrupted by no.1 contender Jinder Mahal. Mahal not only neutralized Randy with the help of Bollywood Boyz, also stole the WWE championship.

Mahal and Randy will face each other and SmackDown Live PPV Backlash.

 Breezango Beat The Clock To Become No.1 Contender WWE Tag Team Championship:

In a beat, the clock challenge Breezango faced the Ascension. They had the task in hand to beat the time set by American Alpha. Chasing a task to finish off the Ascension in less than 5:17 minutes, Brezango did exceedingly well.

The finished off the match in style with 2:36 minutes to spare earning themselves a title shot at Backlash.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi vs. Charlotte ended in a no contest:

Well immediately after joining the SmackDown Live roster, Charlotte got a shot at the title. That did not go well with rest of the women’s division.

SmackDown Live results PC: WWE

On Tuesday night SmackDown Live, Naomi, and Charlotte were contesting in a women’s championship match. However, the match was interrupted by rest of the women’s division, as they ganged up on Charlotte. It was clear the women’s division was not happy with kind attention Charlotte was getting.